When looking for a property management software, you will probably come across the term rental listing syndication as a highlighted feature in all of the best property management software options available. For landlords who have years of experience with a software solution, this can seem self-explanatory, but if you’re a new landlord, or you are moving from a cumbersome paper system, you may be wondering what rental listing syndication is all about.

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What is Rental Listing Syndication?

Rental listing syndication is the process of sharing a single rental advertisement to other websites designed for advertising vacant rental properties, like Aparments.com and Zumper. This process allows you to create one ad and share to all the popular sites with the click of a button, streamlining your marketing processes, so you can get your vacancy filled quickly with a qualified tenant.

In the context of property management software, a rental listing syndication feature will allow landlords to create a vacancy listing within the software itself and publish that same listing to a variety of popular sites seamlessly.

Why is Listing Syndication Important for Landlords?

Listing syndication makes it easy for landlords to get their listings in front of as many potential applicants as possible. The key to getting a great tenant is excellent tenant screening combined with a large applicant pool. Listing syndication ensures that landlords don’t have to spend countless hours creating an individual listing for each of the top rental listing sites. If you are a landlord with more than a few units in your portfolio, manually creating individual listings can be a tedious task. A good syndication network within your property management software will save a lot of time and help you find an applicant more quickly than ever before.

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What Makes a Good Rental Listing Syndication?

Many property management software solutions have some form of a rental listing syndication feature, unfortunately not all syndication networks are the same. A good listing syndication feature will ensure that you are doing less work, but still getting your listing in front of as many eyes as possible.

Don’t settle for a software solution that simply lists a syndication network as a feature, but be sure to do some extra digging to make sure the syndication network is worthwhile. A good rental listing syndication network will have top rental listing sites as well as a variety of smaller sites. Overall, bigger is better when it comes to a syndication network, so look for a property management software that lists all the rental listing sites their software will syndicate to. The bigger the network, the more you’re likely to attract an amazing tenant.

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Here are some top rental listing sites you will want to ensure you can syndicate your listing onto:

  • Apartments.com (and Apartments.com family sites)
  • ApartmentList
  • Homes.com
  • Realtor.com
  • Rentpath
  • Zillow (and Zillow family sites)

Your property management software should syndicate to these top sites, as well as more third-party listing sites to ensure you get the best applicants possible for your rental property. If you are considering software for landlords, be sure to include a robust syndication network as part of your qualifications when evaluating your options.

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