Well this is quite off topic for a property management or landlord software type discussion; however, this morning when I noticed that WordPress 2.7 was available I decided to take the plunge.  I’m actually 2 days behind most of the blogger world who all upgraded on the 11th the second 2.7 was released.

For fellow bloggers out there deciding if they want to upgrade or not.  I wanted to throw in a few highlights that I’m impressed with.

  • I can again upload media from Firefox without having to choose browser upload!  This is a major highlight for me, and it may have been fixed in 2.6 releases which I skipped; however, I’m very pleased it’s again simple to upload attachments.
  • Fully configurable Dashboard.  This is a major improvement.  Now when administrators login we can configure the dash to show exactly what we want, where we want it.  No more complying with someone else’s idea of “useful layout”.
  • Automatic Upgrades.  It can’t be stressed enough what a great idea it was to incorporate automatic upgrades into 2.7.  Granted, upgrades have always been more-or-less pretty simple; however, with upgrades being 1 click in the future, there will be no excuses for anyone to be behind the curve; or like myself, 2 days late in upgrading. 😉

My review in one word is “wow”.  They did a really excellent job with 2.7 and every blogger should indeed take the few minutes to upgrade their installation if they haven’t already.

See full details at the wordpress blog.