We’re very pleased to offer two very useful new features.   These features are especially exciting because they save landlords money *today*!  Setting up a website for advertising properties usually has a monthly expense of at least $20/mo plus the costs for the application or web designer to create the pages which may cost hundreds or more.  We’re offering this today for the best price ever, FREE!

A benefit of the transaction attachments and file library in general is it provides landlords a permanent backed up medium for important documents.  They will never be lost even if your workstation crashes.  This is a service offered by online backup companies for a fee, and again we’re including it FREE!

Here’s more details on these new features.

  • Instant Online Advertising – Using Rentec Direct you can now instantly publish your properties online with minimal effort.  To use this new feature use these steps:  Step 1) Once logged in, edit your vacant property, and (if you wish) add some pictures of the property via the file library.  For public pictures, select the checkbox to the right of the file name to use it in your online advertisement.  Step 2) Back under the edit property screen, click Property Advertising / Profile and enter the necessary information for the property, and enable the listing with the check box on the bottom.  Instantly you have an online ad available for publishing in your local classifieds or other media.  Step 3) Your property listing will be available under the domain rtd4.com, for instance, a property listing might look like rtd4.com/123.  Your exact listing link will be shown at the bottom of the page.  We’ve kept the domain short on purpose to keep your classified ads purchases cheap with fewer characters.
  • Per Transaction Attachments – Every time you post an income or expense for a tenant or property you now have the option to add an attachment.  Doing so will allow you to upload a file (receipts, invoices, etc) which will be attached to that transaction.  When viewing a ledger for a property or tenant, any transactions which have an attachment will have a paperclip icon next to them.  Clicking the paperclip will show you the attachment.

These are Pro features we’re giving away to all current and future Rentec Direct customers, until the Pro version is released.  Your feedback is appreciated at any time on these, or any other features that we’ve implemented.  Try them out and let us know what you think.  Please email any comments or suggesstions to support@rentecdirect.com.