With the popularity of our EasyPay program where you can automatically deduct rent from a tenant’s (or owner’s in the case of associations) account we have extended the capabilities.  Based on popular request, we’ve added a second application available for download at Settings, EasyPay Setup.  The new application allows for the tenant to pay the transaction cost.

One application is the original where you, the landlord or property manager, pays the transaction cost.  The second application has the tenant agree to the cost, and simply adds it to their payment(s) at the time of processing.  The cost is the same either way, you just now have the option of who pays it.

If you are not already setup for EasyPay, it is simple to get setup.  Login to your Rentec Direct account and select Settings, Setup EasyPay.  The application to get started is available there.  We can simplify your rent collection process right away.