We’ve had a lot of signups for our property management software lately, and we wanted to help those wondering who we had in mind when designing Rentec.

We designed Rentec for individual property owners and investors who own and manage their own properties. Rentec direct is designed for you, the investor who may do property investing full time or part time and you own from one to one hundred properties.  The owners and designers of Rentec Direct are landlords too and we know what it is like to manage a handful of properties without the need or expense of paying a property management company.  We found the need to create Rentec Direct because there was no rental software application available that fit our needs fully as landlords.  As a current or potential landlord yourself, you may have experienced the same.

Rentec is built from the ground up to meet the needs of landlords managing typically between 1 to 100 properties.  Very rarely do we see a landlord or small team managing a larger set of properties, so we are able to fine tune the software to work best for this niche.

Another driving factor for us in offering Rentec for free is that generally we feel life has treated us pretty darn good.  I personally have the best family one could ask for, great friends, and live in beautiful Southern Oregon.  All this came from a lot of hard work, the help and support of our community and country, and perhaps a little luck.  One of our goals with Rentec is to give something back.  There’s thousands or more man-hours put into developing Rentec Direct, and we give away most of that for free.  It’s our way of contributing back to the landlord and investor community and saying Thank You in general.

Rentec Direct is FREE for individual landlords.  There’s no risk to try it out, so take it for a spin today.