Rentec Direct In the News Media Roundup For the Rental Industry for Q1 in 2022

Without a doubt, passion to support the rental real estate industry with the most helpful educational resources for property managers, landlords, investors, and renters is at the heart of Rentec Direct.

That passion is why so many popular media outlets reach out to Nathan Miller and the team of rental industry experts at Rentec Direct for insights, quotes, and rental trends to share with their audiences.

In addition, Nathan Miller and the Rentec Direct team continued to be honored to contribute and share with industry leaders such as Forbes,, and BiggerPockets to name a few.

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GeekEstate | Electronic Signatures and Authorizations in the Rental Industry

While the concept of electronic signatures and authorizations was around well before the COVID-19 pandemic, the last couple of years has certainly shined a new light on these kinds of digital transactions. Data shows that tenants with online rent payment options have remained more likely to pay rent on time and in full throughout the social distancing and stay-at-home orders of the pandemic, and the rental industry as a whole has adopted many other virtual practices to keep things running smoothly despite unprecedented challenges.

One of these practices has been utilizing electronic signatures (eSignatures) as an easy, secure and timely way to have lease agreements and other important documents signed by both parties. Pandemic or not, landlords can use eSignatures to seamlessly move tenants through the application, lease signing and move-in processes. READ MORE…

BiggerPockets | Property Management: When is it Time to Outsource?

If you’re anything like me, you began your real estate investment journey by handling every task yourself. Blame it on my entrepreneurial spirit or simply my lack of experience. I was trying to find a rental property; handle all of the maintenance, repairs and renovations; stay on top of my accounting and tax paperwork, and find qualified tenants all without any outside help. Hiring outside help was another cost to add to the list, and I was hoping that the less money I spent upfront, the better chance I had for higher profits in the long run. READ MORE…

Entrepreneur | 3 Pieces of Business Advice for My Younger Self

With the right mindset, there are many different paths to success.

While this may come as a surprise to some, you don’t need to take a traditional path to have a successful career or even start your own business. Personally, I never worked my way up the corporate ladder or earned an MBA to become a CEO — in fact, I didn’t go to college. I learned on the job, teaching myself computer programming in my free time. What started as purely a hobby to save myself time as I began investing in real estate turned into my own property-management software company. I’m proud to say that we now help tens of thousands of landlords do their jobs better. READ MORE…

Forbes Real Estate Council | Four Goals For Landlords And Property Managers in 2022

The new year has quickly come and gone, but it’s never too late to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future. 2021 was both the best and worst of times for landlords — while millions of tenants fell behind on their rent payments, growing property values made for good investments for those looking to stay in the rental game.

All eyes are on the real estate market as we head into 2022 to see if trends will continue or if the bubble will start to burst. Now is the perfect time to consider your business goals for the year and refine your strategies — what has worked well for your business in the last year, and what needs to change? Here’s my advice for landlords and property managers in 2022. READ MORE… | Quiet Hours: What Does it Really Mean For You?

You have a right to peace and quiet, as do your neighbors.

One of your tenant rights is the implied warranty of quiet enjoyment, which gives you the right to enjoy your rental property undisturbed and without interference. In apartment complexes or densely populated neighborhoods, your landlord may have established quiet hours written into your lease to ensure that everyone has the right to quiet enjoyment. READ MORE… | Careers in Real Estate are Hot, But Success Isn’t Guaranteed

The real estate market has taken a somewhat unexpected center stage position during the ongoing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. While the onset of the pandemic brought the world as we know it—real estate included—to a screeching halt, since then we’ve seen home sales and home prices skyrocket. There are several reasons for this. One key driver is that many home buyers are seeking to relocate either due to a lifestyle change, work-from-home opportunities, or other shifts brought on by the pandemic. Another offshoot of this trend is that there has been an influx of people getting their real estate licenses as a result of our new normal.

Learn how new agents can find ways to stand out and be creative in a market that’s becoming increasingly lucrative, yet increasingly competitive. READ MORE… | What are the Different Types of Rental Leases – and Which Is Best for Me?

Signing a rental lease is a big deal, and it is important that you fully understand the rules and conditions outlined in your lease agreement before entering into a legally binding agreement. One of the most crucial factors your rental lease will outline is the length of the lease agreement. Different types of leases have lengths that range from 30 days to multiple years. The length of the lease term is typically determined by your landlord or property manager, but you do have the right to negotiate on the length of the lease term if your landlord is willing to do so. READ MORE…

RISMedia’s Housecall | Enhance Your Home Safety in 2022 With These Exterior and Interior Checks

Regular inspections of your home can help you address issues before they cause any harm, and the new year is the perfect reminder to cross this task off your list. While seasonal home inspections are the ultimate way to stay on top of maintenance and potential risks, performing an in-depth safety check at least once a year will ensure that you identify minor concerns before they become expensive problems. READ MORE…

Rentec In the News

In addition to full-length articles and podcasts, many news outlets continue to rely on Rentec Direct for quotes, insights, and data for their readership:

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