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Entrepreneur | How to Bootstrap Your Way to a Debt-Free Company

Have you heard “do what you love, love what you do”? I’m lucky enough to say that, for me, this adage has come true. I started my business as a side hustle in the spare time I could find from my full-time job. The idea was actually born from another “on the side” project: investing in real estate and managing the properties myself.

My frustrations with the lack of technology to help me efficiently and effectively manage my rental properties turned into a personal passion: I wanted to develop an easy-to-use software platform to make life easier for landlords (including myself). I decided to share my program publicly, for free, and fairly quickly, users were requesting more features to help them manage their properties. READ MORE…

Forbes Real Estate Council | The Future Of The Rental Market For Landlords And Tenants

No industry has escaped the global pandemic completely unscathed, but the real estate industry has been regularly making headlines for happenings like skyrocketing home prices and extended eviction moratoriums. It seems the entire country is eager to return to normal, but what does the new normal look like? Despite progress, many aspects of both our daily lives and the greater economy don’t look like they did pre-pandemic — real estate included.

Here’s what we know: One study shows that more than 6.5 million American households are behind on their rental payments, meaning that landlords are collectively owed upwards of $20 billion. What comes next is difficult to predict (these are unprecedented times, after all), but there are a handful of rental market trends we can expect to stick around as well as a few that are likely to dissipate. READ MORE…

GeekEstate | Top Tech for Landlords and Property Managers in 2021

In the past, property management hasn’t been a particularly tech-savvy industry, but modern technology is helping virtually every sector increase speed and efficiency. Even if you still prefer to manage your properties through paper receipts and spreadsheets, today’s Millennial and Gen Z renters are demanding technology as a part of their entire rental experience. Landlords who don’t incorporate at least the bare minimum tech features into their rental businesses are likely to fall behind in a highly competitive marketplace. Here are some of the most popular technology methods I see utilized by my landlord and property management clients to streamline day-to-day operations: READ MORE… | Replicating ‘Hot Markets’ in Your Own Area

Learn five key attributes from the most promising real estate markets of 2022, and how to identify or create similar characteristics in your community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Walkability continues to be an asset, even in a post-pandemic world.
  • Potential buyers may be attracted to the proximity or variety of employers in your city.
  • Dig into any future plans your city may have to restore and revive major municipal areas. READ MORE… | Are You a Good Tenant? 6 Qualities Your Landlord Will Appreciate

You may think you’re the bee’s knees as a tenant, but your landlord might not agree.

A positive landlord-tenant relationship is crucial to any rental experience. Most landlords will go to great lengths to find and keep qualified, trustworthy tenants. Those who honor lease terms, respect the property and display financial responsibility. READ MORE…

RisMedia’s Housecall  | 3 Remodeling Projects That Prospective Buyers Desire

Remodeling is a great way to fix, update or upgrade your home while increasing its value, but costs can add up. It’s important to prioritize the projects that will not only benefit you and your family in your daily lives, but also will attract future buyers if and when the time comes to sell.

In general, it’s best to move forward with projects that are cost-effective and useful to anyone who might occupy the property down the line. Here are three projects to consider: READ MORE…

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Seattle & Northwest CRE NewsPandemic or Not, Data Shows Drive Towards Digital Contactless Payments

Boston Real Estate Times | Interest in online rent payment services from landlords and property managers up 16% in 2021

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