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Speed, Mobile and Display Improvements

By on January 10, 2014 in Product Updates with 2 Comments

new_menuA new update has been published which brings some substantial performance improvements to the property management application.  While much of the work is in the background and goes unseen (except by your computer’s CPU), there are several visual improvements you may notice right away:

  • We’ve completely revamped the right-click menu code has been installed throughout the application.  This means pages load much faster.  Internal testing shows that larger property lists and ledgers load 1500% faster now!  This also opens up support for more convenient menu options in the future.
  • Better mobile support.  Most mobile browsers support a long-click press as an alternative to a right-click press on a desktop mouse.  The new right-click menus now have wider mobile support supporting most mobile platforms.  To bring up the menu on your phone or tablet, just hold your finger on the row for about 2 seconds and the menu should present itself.
  • Regardless which ledger or list you are reviewing in the software, you can now save your place.  Just left-click on any row in the properties, tenants, bank accounts, or any ledger, and the row will be highlighted and remain highlighted until you click somewhere else.  This provided a dramatic performance improvement over the previous method which had the highlighting automatically follow your mouse.  Need to leave the computer for a minute, or get distracted by a conversation but want to save your place?  Just click the transaction you are working on to highlight it and you’ll know exactly where you were when you return.

Have any suggestions on how to make Rentec Direct better?  We value your feedback and use it to prioritize projects.  Just login and click “need help” in the upper-right corner.  Click “browse ideas” next to Feedback on the left, and vote for good ideas, or create your own!  We look forward to your feedback.

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There Are 2 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Tyler Oatts says:

    The menu options are not working correctly in Firefox. When I click on an option it opens a different property/tenant/owners information.

    • rentec says:


      Thanks for pointing this out Tyler. Our developers also noticed this earlier and have already posted an update to fix the issue. It turned out to be only an issue when left clicking on the menu button, the right-click was working properly. Both are working as expected now.

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