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New Rental Application – Includes Applicant Photos

By on October 12, 2016 in Product Updates with 7 Comments

Click image to see more of the new application.

A new update to Rentec Direct’s rental applications include applicant photos and links to social media accounts.

A couple weeks back Rentec released an update to the Tenant Page to show tenant pictures and social networking data.

One of the first requests following its release was to also include this data on rental applications.  The good news was we were already working on it and now we’re pleased to announce that that rental applicant photos and social data is now available!

While the development team was adding social image data to the application, we decided it was time to modernize the application’s design so it’s easier to read and more appealing to the eyes.

Nothing has changed for your tenants.  The mobile friendly rental application has remained unchanged.

The newly updated rental application now includes:

  • Your view of the application is now more modern, organized, and easier to read.
  • The application now includes a picture of the applicant (if they’ve publicly shared one on social media sites)
  • The application links to their social media profiles if they’ve set them public – simply click on the Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn icons below the applicant’s photo.
  • A quick screening button to instantly order background reports including credit, criminal, and eviction search.

As with the tenant social data, you can disable this feature within the advanced settings tab if you don’t want the pictures or social links.

This new tool gives landlords and property managers additional information to screen their renters by providing one less step to access public information. The social links will only work if the tenant has made his social media profiles public and accessible to anyone on the Internet, therefore avoiding any potential arguments against violating a renter’s privacy.

Remember that all landlords and housing providers must follow Federal Fair Housing Guidelines and avoid housing discrimination based on a protected class.

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About the Author: Nathan is one of the founders of Rentec Direct and has been with the company since 2008. He has a passion for application security and spends an incredible amount of time ensuring your data is protected. When Nathan is not day-dreaming about 1's and 0's, you may also find him "tuning" the development schedule to get that next big feature in your hands sooner! .


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There Are 7 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Advantage Realty Partners LLC says:

    Suggestion: When uploading files to the File Library, it would be helpful if we could change the name of that file once it has been downloaded.

  2. Ruthi says:

    Suggestion: Please change the applications back they way they were. The new one is much too hard to read. The lay out is confusing, hard to read and there is no flow, therefore it takes our staff longer to process the applications. The text is too light and too small on the applicants answers. It is very hard to see at a glance if they have left out information.When printing out it says Previous address, not current address. These are just a few of the problems we see with the new layout.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Ruthi,

      Thank you for the comment. We’re underway modifying the wording on the previous/current address right now so those will be corrected soon. I’ll also go in and look at the other layout suggestions you have too.

  3. emily says:

    Please change it back until the bugs are worked out, I cannot print the application entirely, which means I cannot print my clause that gives me permission to talk to previous landlords, employers, or references. This is hindering my business, and I am now having to have everyone actually come in to the office for applications.

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