Product Update December 2020

At Rentec Direct, we know how hard you work, especially as the new year rolls around. From new year organizational goals to prepping for tax season, it’s our priority to ensure that your software makes your successes easier to achieve. Your Rentec Direct development team is continually making improvements to your software. These changes–big and small–are continually tested and getting ready to implement all to ensure that your software is truly adding value. After all, meeting your needs and streamlining your daily management tasks is our highest priority.

We previously announced that your Rentec Direct Development Team would be taking on an exciting project to add even more value to your software. Your team is more focused than ever on the special details that come with a software redesign! You may notice a slight decrease in the number of features or enhancements going live. Do not worry; this is simply to ensure that your team has more time to devote to this value-packed redesign you will see in the near future. We can’t wait to share it with you once it’s live.

Nevertheless, your team has still been working on small tweaks while their attention is focused on the overall goal of a software redesign. These smaller updates are still worth getting excited about; they include those crucial fixes that ensure that your experience with the software only gets better. The developers work closely with the Client Success Team and our clients to find out what fixes and enhancements need to be done in order to make the software better for your daily needs.

In-house, the team refers to smaller updates as a bug fix, QuickFix, HotFix, or issue report, and large updates as Features or Enhancements. We know your time is valuable, so while we may not update you on every tiny fix or update to you; you can rest assured that the development team is always hard at work improving the software for you.

While 2020 may have been a strange year, your team at Rentec Direct has been here operating safely and ready to help you through all the challenges the year had to offer. Here’s a look at what the Development Team has been working on for the month of December 2020.


MADE LIVE IN December 2020

  • Issue 977: Allow Cash Payments via Tenant Portal even without a merchant account.
  • Issue 1019: Add in “from bank” and “to bank” account options for tenant deposit transfers.
  • Issue 1024: Fix discrepancy on balance sheet related to bank deposits and date mismatch
  • Hotfix: remove deposits from trial balance A report
  • Hotfix: fixed a rare issue where a new tenant could not submit online payments


Your development team was hard at work fixing small issues but the behind-the-scenes work is what we are most excited about right now. Your team is more focused than ever on all the vital work that comes with a software redesign!

    • Want to learn more about the redesign of the Rentec Direct software and what that means for you? This large-scale project will make the software more responsive, leading to the development of a property management software mobile app. At the start of 2020, we hosted a webinar featuring Founder and President Nathan Miller, where he speaks about the benefits of a new redesign and goes into more detail about what you can expect. Get excited because your development team is working hard, and this update is just around the corner!

These software updates are the result of valuable feedback and input from our awesome clients. If there is a new feature or a software enhancement you would love to see added to Rentec Direct, let us know.