outdoor lighting for your rental

You might find a gem of a property. Perfect location. Nice size. Good specs. But it needs some work. Potentially a lot of work. What will it take to breathe some life into this property and get it ready to hit the rental market?

We often get overwhelmed at the scale of work required to get a property tenant ready. It can get a bit overwhelming. You receive quotes from labor contractors that would diminish any prospect of earning a profit. But often there are quick and simple fixes you can make to increase the value, saleability & rentability of a property

These changes will largely be focused on the internal parts of the property. But don’t neglect the outdoor areas. The exterior of the property is just as important as the interior. It is the first thing that the potential tenants will see when they arrive to rent the property. This is the opportunity to create the wow factor on first impressions. Don’t miss out on finding the very best tenants by missing out on the important details for outside the property. 

Let’s consider the outdoor lighting as a quick and easy way to find the perfect tenants, while also creating curb appeal for this rental property. Lighting can make a dramatic difference to the look, atmosphere, security, and functionality of an outdoor space. An impressive outdoor space does not need to cost a fortune. Utilize the space to its fullest ability by incorporating these simple lighting tips to your design: 

Lighting up a Pathway: 

Walkway lighting to provide guidance and safety when navigating through the dark nights. Post lights or wall lights along pathways or porches are perfect for illuminating areas frequently used to enter or leave the property. As well as being functional, they can be aesthetically pleasing. Incorporate some staple pieces to add a touch of elegance to the outdoor lighting. 

Motion Sensor Lighting: 

For spaces that are less frequently used, incorporate some motion sensor lighting. Typically best used around garages or back porches, you don’t need to worry about switching these lights on or off. Not only do they save on energy costs, but they are also a great additional security feature to pick up any movement around the property. 

Entrance Wall Sconces: 

Wall sconces installed along the property provide a downward light that is adequately positioned to help you find your keys to enter the property without being blinded by the light. While also providing a welcoming & safe environment for tenants and their guests while entering and leaving the property. They remain a popular style of outdoor lighting, with impressive styles to choose from. 

Hanging Barn Lightings for Your Outdoor Dining Area: 

Hanging barn lights remain bang on-trend. Install a collection over an outdoor dining area to provide the ideal level of atmospheric lighting during an evening entertaining guests on the patio. Barn lights with LED bulbs radiate a soft light to give sufficient illumination to create a comfortable environment to spend the evening. Consider the size and shape of your outdoor dining area to guide the number of barn lights you install. The bigger the space, the more you will need as they typically hang lower and as a result, the intensity of the light is reduced. They are perfect in a dining area due to the subtle soft light they provide. 

Outdoor String Lights: 

Create an instant party vibe with a set of LED outdoor string lights. Install between posts or among trees. They create an instant atmosphere which will make your tenants want to spend every evening under the stars in their idyllic outdoor space. Strong lights are less about functionality and more about the atmosphere. A simple and cost-effective addition to any outdoor space, but that make a big impact.

Landscape Lighting: 

Landscape lighting is all about style and less about functionality. They draw attention to property features that you want to highlight. This type of lighting oozes style and will give a property an impressive look without breaking the bank. 

With these simple tips, your rental property won’t stay on the market for long. Giving the pick of the ideal tenants to invite into your property. Lighting has the power to create an elegance to any property without the need for huge investments in structural renovations or time consuming cosmetic refreshments. 

Install LED Lighting: 

Upgrading to LED bulbs for outdoor applications. LED is super energy efficient, is available in all wattage options and light colors, and does not need to “warm-up” in cold weather. I recommend LED bulbs instead of “integrated” LED fixtures because if integrated LEDs fail for any reason, repair is costly and may not be possible.  

Some general tips for outdoor improvements: 

Don’t forget about other areas of an outdoor area that can be easily refreshed and will make a notable difference when it comes to creating appeal. There are some basic areas to focus on to give the exterior of a property a new lease of life. Remove concrete stains, green moss, and mold. Try to salvage quality pieces of furniture that have become aged and worn due to long exposure to the elements. Upcycle key pieces that are made from quality materials to return them to their former glory. Where possible, create a flower bed, plant some trees, and install a water feature if you’re lucky enough to have the extra space. These small, inexpensive changes will increase the value of your property significantly. Have your pick of tenants and increase the return on your investment from this stylish rental property.