This coming Friday night we’re going to be performing network and hardware upgrades to Rentec Direct’s back-office systems.  To ensure the integrity of your data, we’ll be putting the system into maintenance mode which will protect your data during the upgrade.  This will begin Friday, February 27th at 10:00PM Pacific (1:00AM Saturday for those on the east coast).  The estimated duration of the upgrades is expected to take apx 4 hours, so everything will be online and roaring with even faster speeds before the coffee is ready on Saturday morning.

What can you expect?

  • We’re moving the back-office systems to a distributed platform so it can be accessed faster from more locations around the United States and the world.  This means less latency and faster speeds for you.
  • The servers hosting the back-office systems are being upgraded to an instantly-upgradable platform. Even though our maintenance windows are already extremely short and rare, this will make future upgrades even more seamless.
  • The latest enterprise class hardware is used for storing the data and serving the data to your web browser.  This means faster and more reliable servers with even better fail-over, fault-tolerance, and backup capabilities.
  • Load balancing technology for the web servers will give us the ability to distribute server load regionally as well as automatically introduce additional servers nearly instantly during peak hours.
  • Even better security.  The data centers hosting Rentec subscriber data are ISO 27001 certified and third-party verified.  This means we are taking strong proactive measures to ensure your data is protected.