Rentec Direct’s goal is to make property management simple and seamless for landlords and property managers.  One of the most recommended features for evaluating top property management software includes an application that sends out automatic reminders and notifications. Automatic reminders make a property manager’s job easier by eliminating the need to remember one (or hundreds) of routine tasks throughout the year.

Rentec Direct’s software lets users set up automatic reminders regarding tenants or properties.  Things like replacing batteries in smoke alarms, scheduling a 6-month property inspection, or doing seasonal maintenance are all examples of routine duties a property manager must remember.  Having a scheduled reminder for routine tasks, makes it easier to concentrate on daily goals without having to remember which leases are about to expire or which tenants need to be notified of a rent increase after one year.

Property managers can configure their Rentec Direct account to send out personal reminders via email or SMS text messaging.  To access this feature simply right-click on a property or tenant, and choose “”Notes & History” from the drop down menu.  From this page, you can view previous notes and events or “Add a New Note” by clicking on the button on the left.  When  adding a New Note, users can enter a custom message regarding a reminder and set a date to deliver the message.  You can do a one time message or set the reminder to repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually.  Check the box next to “By Email” or “By SMS” and enter your recipient’s email address or mobile phone number.  Reminders can be sent to the account manager and directly to an owner, vendor or tenant.  Automatic Reminders for Property Managers

To test this feature, just set a reminder for tomorrow with your email address or mobile number and you should get the notification the following day at 8:00AM Pacific.

If you don’t want to receive email notifications, you can set up an “in app” reminder by not checking email or SMS.  You will then get a line item notification in your Notices Panel on the Summary Page when you log into your account.

Automatic Reminders for Property Managers

Don’t forget to visit Rentec Direct’s Knowledge Base in the Need Help menu of the application for how to instructions on all of Rentec Direct’s great features and check back every Friday for more Feature Friday blog posts, where we highlight a product feature every week.

*A note about SMS messages.  We’ve integrated with all major mobile carriers so we can send SMS messages to any mobile device.  It does cost us a little to send SMS messages though.  Feel free to try it out and send your first 10 for free (good through October), then after that we’ll provide blocks of 10 SMS messages for $1 for all notifications going out via our SMS number.  Alternatively, you can purchase your own SMS number for $10/mo which includes 500 messages (2c/ea thereafter) and enables full SMS communication as well between your owners and tenants.  To order a SMS number of your own, just send us an email to with your username, city and state and we can get you setup ASAP.