Property MaintenanceProper work order management helps you fix maintenance issues before a small problem creates some serious damage.  Your property management software gives you an easy way to receive property maintenance requests and track work orders through to completion.

One of the biggest tenant complaints is lack of response or timely fix to of maintenance issues, but your software lets your tenants report an issue with the property through their tenant portal and deliver a message directly to your inbox to manage.

Maintenance Requests From Tenants

Rentec Direct lets you create work orders for maintenance requests reported by your tenants directly through the tenant portal.   Giving your tenants the ability to inform you when they discover any maintenance problems let’s property managers take an active role in creating work orders to assign a solution and track the status of the repair.

Tenants portals are automatically set to have the option to submit work orders. Your tenants will easily be able to find the REPAIRS tab within their portal to “Report an Issue”.

Tenant Portal

Once a maintenance request is submitted by your tenants, you will automatically receive an email notification and a wrench icon will appear next to the property in the Properties Tab.   By logging into your account and clicking on the wrench icon next to your property, you will be able to access the Work Orders associated with this property.

Work Orders From Managers

You can create your own work orders within the program by accessing the Properties Tab and right clicking on a property name and select Work Orders. From here you will see a list of open Work Orders, and on the bottom of the screen, you have the option to create a new work order or view closed work orders.    Once you’ve selected “Add New Work Order” you can begin to create your work order.

From this screen, you are able to enter in an expense for this repair, upload any photos or documents, set a priority status and print or email the work ticket.

Work Order Software

Users are able view all open or closed Work Orders per property to verify the status of an issue from the Reports tab in the program.

Work Order Software

Giving your tenants a convenient way to submit maintenance requests through their Tenant Portal and using one system to easily manage and track  work orders is another way that property management software helps you be more successful as a landlord or property manager.