Do you know a property manager or landlord looking for a great property management software?

If you recommend Rentec Direct to them and they sign up for a new account with us, we will send you a check for $50!

Here at Rentec Direct, our priority is making your work easier than ever before. We love hearing that our clients are happy! From creating client-requested software features to offering answers to burning rental industry questions, we are here to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

We want to thank you for sharing your positive experience with your network, which is why Rentec created the Referral Program.

rentec direct referral program

Here’s how Rentec Direct’s Referral Program works:

Tell your friends, your network, your fellow investors, managers and landlords about Rentec Direct. If they sign up for a PM or PRO account with Rentec and tell us you recommended them, we will send you a check for $50. It’s that simple!

The best part is, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer to qualify for a referral. And unlike some other referral programs out there, there is also no unit minimum to qualify for the $50 referral bonus.

Here are a few details about the Referral Program:

  • Your referred friend should sign up for a PM or PRO account.
  • Once your friend has signed up, fill out this simple Rentec Direct referral form, telling us your name and that you recommend Rentec Direct.
  • After the free trial period ends and they decide Rentec Direct is the property management software for them, we will send you a check for $50. (We will keep track of this part, don’t worry!)
  • There is no unit minimum for referral qualifications as long as your friend signs up for a PM or PRO account.

Access the Rentec Direct Referral Form

Rentec Direct Referral Form – Click Here

Share this page with your friends and network so they can learn more about Rentec Direct and sign up today :

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To learn more about the Rentec Direct Referral Program and how you can earn $50 per referral, CLICK HERE.

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