first apartment list

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting step.

However, when those moving-day jitters combine with forgetfulness or poor planning, it can lead to unneeded frustration. Make certain you have everything you need by reviewing these 5 first apartment necessities that you may have forgotten.

Shower Curtain:

You’ve purchased all the toiletries that the stores offers; you have a supply of toilet paper to last through the apocalypse (courtesy of your over-prepared parents), and you bought a cute set of rugs that were in the college dorm section on display. You think you have everything–until the first morning comes in your new abode and you can’t take a hot shower without first running to the nearest department store.

Welcome Mat:

An easily forgotten item that can have a huge on the cleanliness of your space, welcome mats not only serve as a spot to dry your wet or muddy feet but provide an area that will capture dust and debris before it enters your living area. Whether you opt for a stylish or simply practical option, every apartment needs one.


Chances are, you did not actually forget this item, but you probably didn’t purchase enough. Take more than you think you’ll need. This guarantees you will be prepared with a spot for all the items in your wardrobe.

Cleaning Supplies:

Make sure you have enough to clean each surface and separate spaces in your apartment. Remember that marble surfaces have different cleaning needs than laminate, so be sure to do your research before move-in day. Chances are, the person before you did a moderate amount of cleaning before leaving, but unless you can verify with the manager that your new apartment was professionally cleaned, you will probably want to do an extra wipe-down of germ-sensitive areas–just for the extra piece of mind.

Besides, you are going to need those items throughout your time as a renter if you want to get your security deposit back and don’t want your mom and dad to say you live in squalor. Start yourself off on the right foot by planning ahead with all the supplies you need to clean as you go.

Overnight Box:

Most inexperienced packers forget this vital item, and it’s understandable why, but there is nothing that will save you time and tears more than this box. In the chaos of moving and packing, it can be easy to pack away your essential items, scattering them across dozens of moving boxes that you will be forced to search through before you can settle in. 

Avoid the frustration and make sure that you pack one specific box with all your toiletries and necessitous items. Don’t forget to include the less obvious items like your moving paperwork, a shower curtain and towel, some toilet paper, and hand soap. Moving day is taxing on everyone, the last thing you want to do when you’re out of energy and ready to settle in, is taking an hour searching through boxes for hand soap after using the restroom in your new place.

With the right planning, moving into your new place doesn’t have to be a chore, but can instead be the exciting moment it should be. Take note of these items, and you will be well on your way to becoming a moving pro.