email_notifyWe’ve updated the email notification options to include two new options:

  • Send copy to Myself
  • Send copy to Property Owner

These settings will do just as they say and send you (the property manager or landlord) or the property owner a copy of the message(s) going out to tenants.  For associations, the same settings hold true for unit owners.

Along with this update we’ve enhanced the look and feel of the email notifications going to tenants and owners.  The new email template looks a lot better, while providing a more professional feel.

Additionally, one small change, if a tenant replies to any notifications, the reply will now go to you instead of us.  This should help facilitate better communication between property managers and tenants.

Of note, while improving this interface we did locate some small glitches within some tenants settings and we had to reset their settings to defaults (no emails).  Please visit your tenant settings and update as necessary, or tenants can also make these changes via the tenant portal.