4th of july event

Hosting a resident event has many benefits, but safety and careful planning are crucial. Consider decorating with red, white, and blue, offer a mix of traditional BBQ and health-conscious foods, and organize fun activities like pool time or relay races. Be sure to address fireworks safety or arrange alternatives like shuttles to local displays. Make sure your residents feel appreciated and safe while celebrating this year.

Thinking about planning a 4th of July bash for your residents?

There are few things more quintessential to “summer fun” than an Independence Day BBQ, and every seasoned property manager or landlord knows the benefits of hosting a resident event. However, while the 4th of July can be an excellent backdrop for an easy-to-plan event, there are extra safety concerns and planning you should take into consideration before jumping in.

These party tips will leave your residents and your property safe while ensuring your resident event is the hit of the season.


Lucky you, there’s no need to get fancy with a 4th of July party. Unlike a made-from-scratch event where you have to put a lot of additional effort into a fancy theme and decor, this summer celebration will practically decorate itself! Simply opt for red white and blue cups, plates, and napkins and you’ve fought half the battle.

Go all-out by adding streamers, balloons, and a few flags. If there will be children present, pass out small flags for them to wave throughout the day–not only do grateful parents feel thankful that you provided a gift, but the additional flags will bring the decorations together.

Food Planning:

Everyone knows there are a plethora of delectable and sweet options available in appropriate flag colors leading up to the 4th. While you’re encouraged to pick a few yummy treats with red, white and blue sprinkles and there’s nothing more fun for children than a few red, white and blue punch options, don’t forget the health-conscious eaters who could be otherwise left out. Look for natural ways to provide reds, whites, and blues in the buffet–blueberries and raspberries with whipped cream, for instance, can become a more health-savvy display. Of course, not everything has to be color-coordinated; don’t forget the traditional BBQ foods that everyone will enjoy! For a less traditional approach to catering, hire a local food truck for the evening. Your residents can walk up and order their favorite option making clean-up and set-up virtually nonexistent.

Events & Activities:

Now is the time to break in your property’s pool! The cool water will be a welcome respite from those hot summer rays, making children and adults alike ready to take a dip. If your property does not have a pool, consider renting a water obstacle course for residents to enjoy. Nothing can create lasting relationships like a team relay race, so create a contest and offer prizes for the fastest competitors.

As evening nears, it’s important to inform your renters about any guidelines you may have regarding fireworks on or near the property. If you allow personal fireworks, be sure to provide safety information regarding their use, and require residents who chose to ignite their own fireworks to have a hose or water bucket handy. Remind residents that children should never be unattended around fireworks, and should not be allowed to ignite fireworks. Even sparklers–traditionally thought of as the most child-friendly firework available–can reach temperatures of 2,000 degrees and can cause injury.

Should you prohibit the use of fireworks on your property entirely, consider other options to keep your residents happy and able to enjoy the festivities. Ask about hiring a shuttle to take your tenants to and from a local fireworks display–this can keep the party going while protecting your property from fire damage. If you find that a shuttle is not financially viable, put a tenant carpooling option in motion.

Regardless of what you decide to do for your residents this 4th of July, plan for a way to keep your tenants feeling appreciated and safe while celebrating.