The 4th of July comes with its share of fun traditions, and these often involve a cookout or fireworks. While these celebrations are fun, they can also pose risks to your rental property and your tenants’ safety. To ensure a safe holiday, establish fire safety measures, supervise children, enforce proper disposal of fireworks, and remind residents of the rules. These tips can help ensure your tenants have enjoy their holiday while also keeping everyone and the property safe from harm.

The 4th of July is a beloved holiday by many, and your residents will no doubt be soaking up the summer rays and enjoying BBQs to celebrate. Unlike most holidays, however, when evening draws near, the festivities truly begin in the form of celebratory fireworks. For property managers, this seemingly harmless fun can come with a lot of risk to your property and your tenants.

If your area allows personal fireworks–or even if they are prohibited–be certain that you convey your safety rules to your residents before the holiday arrives.

Moreover, follow these safety tips to create a safe and fun situation for everyone involved.

4th of July safety

Fire Safety:

Residents can forget to take the proper safety measures needed to protect your property. Ensure that fire extinguishers and fire safety information is readily available.

Adult Supervision:

Remember, fireworks are fun, but they are still flammable material. Never allow children to ignite or play with fireworks, and never leave children unsupervised around fireworks.

Proper Disposal:

Should you allow residents to ignite personal fireworks on or near your property, require that they have a hose or water bucket available to safely dispose of smoldering refuse.

Community Carpool:

Protecting your property by disallowing personal fireworks this year? Treat your residents by arranging for shuttle pick-up or initiating a carpool to the nearest city fireworks display.

Rule Reminders:

Send out rule reminders before the 4th of July so residents know exactly what will and will not be permitted.

There is no need to chose between safety or fun. This 4th of July, savvy property managers and landlords have the opportunity to create an environment dedicated to the enjoyment of their tenants, while still practicing risk mitigation for their units. Remember, this is an opportunity to wow your residents and remind them why they love to live at your property in the first place!