declutter with neighbors

Renters, particularly those in small apartments may find themselves looking for ways to downsize items that don’t truly fit in their smaller spaces. Summer is the perfect time to truly delve into the decluttering process by taking advantage of conveniences the warm weather offers. Decluttering will not only add to the aesthetic beauty of your space but can prevent pests and dirt from accumulating under piled items.

Apartment living may have its ups and downs, but when the summer sun has arrived and you are hit with the urge to reorganize your space, there’s no better time to take advantage of your apartment community.

Speak with your landlord or property manager and your fellow residents about getting together to participate in these fantastic group decluttering ideas. Your landlord will appreciate the care everyone is putting into his property, and you–and your neighbors–will appreciate your newfound breathing room.

declutter your apartment

Host a Multifamily Sale:

Split the costs of advertising, the check-out duties, and gain more interested customers by hosting a yard sale where everyone’s involved.

Alternate Weekly Dinner Parties:

Nothing inspires cleaning & decluttering like having guest over. Resident groups can gather weekly for fun and motivation.

Host a Resident Swap Meet:

You may be wanting to part with items that your fellow residents need. Swapping with your neighbors saves resources, and you could find a treasure you were in need of yourself.

Apartment Donations:

Charity drives within your apartment building can serve as excellent ways to part with gently used items that could serve a better purpose for someone who truly needs them.

Use the Buddy System:

Prevent burnouts by asking a neighbor to help you go through the items you’re unsure about, return the favor for them!

Getting together with your fellow residents can be the perfect solution to the drudgery that decluttering can involve. These activities serve not only to make your apartment clean and clutter-free but can allow you and your neighbors the opportunity to get to know one another better.

Just remember to ask your landlord or property manager’s permission before arranging a large activity (such as a charity event or a yard sale) and be ready to get to know those in your building who you may not have previously met.

With the proper execution, these fun decluttering methods can be a win for everyone involved!