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In order to get your vacant property leased and occupied in the shortest amount of time possible, you need to give your rental ad maximum exposure.   

A proven method for getting maximum exposure for your rental vacancies involves placing rental ads in key locations online. A study from Apartments.com found that 61% of online apartment searches begin with either an apartment listing site or a search engine.

Landlords have found success in using social media, word of mouth, and flyers to promote a vacant rental property. But these brick and mortar marketing techniques take time that a busy investor might not be able to spare.

The best rental investments will generate a profitable return with minimal administrative work from you.  Thankfully, rental software provides advanced solution for an investor or landlord to quickly market a vacant property so you can collect applications, screen your applicants and approve a tenant, with just a few clickity-clacks on your keyboard.

We’ve broken down how to market your vacant rental properties through easy solutions in your property management software from Rentec Direct giving you exposure to the most advance rental listing syndication network in the industry.

You’ll learn how the following steps can take you from vacant to leased with little effort on your part:

  1. Create your listing
  2. Activate online rental advertisements
  3. Syndicate your rental ads
  4. Screen your tenants

Step One: Create your listing

Create one marketing profile for each of your properties with details and pictures that will get published to the most popular and frequently used real-estate rental listing websites. Enter compelling details about your property–the program gives you a space to list appliances and features and write an irresistible description.  You’ll be able to add pictures to the profile of property features to attract future renters quickly.

Step Two: Activate Online Rental Applications

Enable online rental applications when creating your property profile, so your rental applicants can complete a rental application online when browsing your website. Using online rental applications makes it easy to process tenant screening reports and keep your records organized. Online applications eliminate the potential for misplaced paperwork and reduce the need for you to manually enter any applicant information.

Step Three: Syndicate Your Rental Ads

The next time your property becomes available to rent your beautifully created property profile can be used in Rentec Direct’s software to post to the rental listing syndication network. With your listing automatically published to the most popular sites, you are guaranteed more exposure. This means more potential tenants looking at your property, ultimately giving you lower vacancy rates. You only need to create one marketing profile one time and activate it or de-activate as needed when the property is filled or becomes vacant again.

Step Four: Screen your Tenants

If you are using online rental applications, processing tenant screening reports can be even faster.  You will be able to review an applicant’s credit report, criminal background, and eviction history with instant tenant screening features. Rentec’s software will link a rental application directly to the tenant screening features and all the applicant’s data will populate the screening reports for quick ordering.

Selecting Your Rental Marketing Software

While there are several property management software solutions on the market, the best ones will provide these marketing tools at no additional cost to the users. Marketing for landlords should always include a property management website, online applications, rental listing syndication, and instant access to tenant screening reports.

Here’s a look at how Rentec Direct offers all these marketing features for landlords, investors and property managers – Free Marketing Website for Landlords.

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