Rental for Remote Workers

Finding a rental for remote workers requires extra footwork to make sure you check all the boxes for your needs. Renters who work remotely will need dedicated and quiet workspaces, tech-friendly rental features, and ample storage space. Consider looking for a pet-friendly apartment or rental for extra companionship during work hours. Building community is also key as a remote worker, so be sure to look for a community living at your rental as a remote worker.

What to Look for in a Rental as a Remote Worker

Since the infamous nationwide shutdown due to COVID-19 in 2020, many workers are finding themselves with the option of working from home. In fact, remote work opportunities have skyrocketed with nearly 27% of US employees working from home, which is quadruple the amount since 2020 according to Zippia. With this new opportunity comes the need for a living space that can also double as a working space while still keeping a harmonious balance in your home. Historically, our homes were just spaces to relax; now they are also places to work.

If you’re a remote worker searching for a new rental, whether it’s a house or an apartment, there are factors to keep in mind to ensure that your new home supports your work-life balance, relaxation, and productivity.

Here is all you need to explore when you are ready to look for in a rental as a remote worker, so you can make an informed decision that enhances both your professional and personal life.

Rentals for Remote Workers Must Have Reliable High-Speed Internet

A stable internet connection is a must for remote workers; it would even be considered non-negotiable. Before signing a lease, it is imperative that you check your location to see if the property has access to reliable high-speed internet. If you are unsure of where to start, you can always ask the property manager what internet other tenants use or if they have a deal with a local provider.

A Dedicated Workspace is Key

An important factor of working from home is having a dedicated workspace. While working from the couch or your bed might seem comfortable and relaxing in the moment, it can lead to productivity loss as it is a space meant for relaxing, not work.
When deciding on an apartment that fulfills your work-from-home needs, it is crucial to look for one that offers a dedicated workspace. This could look like an extra bedroom that can be used as an office, or even a cozy nook that can be converted into a workspace. It is important to establish a clear line between professional and personal activities by setting up a separate area for work.

Rentals for Remote Workers Need to Have: A Quiet Environment

Working in an office often comes with the benefit of a mostly noise-free environment. Unfortunately, not all apartments are the same when it comes to the amount of exterior noise.

Whether this be road noise, children playing, or animals barking, it is important to consider noise when shopping for a work-from-home apartment. A quiet environment helps minimize distractions and helps you stay in the work zone.

Consider Ways to Build a Community and Network at Your Rental When Working from Home

Although working remotely removes you from your work community, it doesn’t have to leave you in isolation. Look into your community to see if there are any coffee shops or meet-up groups where people gather to work.

You might consider a residential community that hosts events or social gatherings for their tenants and neighbors. These events are a great way to build a connection outside of your work-from-home space and allow you to network and stay engaged.

Look for Tech Friendly Rental Features

Because your home will be doubling as your workspace, it is important that you have ample access to outlets and space for your work. Making sure that your workspace and personal space are separated is ideal for keeping a good balance. Also, no one wants to be almost done with a project just to have their computer die because there isn’t an outlet by your DIY workstation.

Ensure Your Rental Will Have Adequate Storage Space When Working From Home

A cluttered workspace often leads to low motivation and high anxiety. How can one have an organized mind within a messy space? To improve productivity, it is suggested that your space be clean and clutter-free. Make sure there is ample storage space in your unit, whether it be multiple closets or an outside storage space. It is imperative that your work-related items and personal belongings be separated.

Pet-Friendly Policies are Ideal for a Rental as a Remote Worker

If you are someone who has furry friends, consider looking for rental properties that are pet-friendly. This will allow you to have a companion while working from home which should help reduce stress and support you while remote. Just because you are not surrounded by your colleagues and work friends doesn’t mean that you can’t have man’s best friend around.

Consider the Pros and Cons of Working Remote from your Rental

Working at home compared to working in an office comes with multiple pros and cons. The obvious pros would be the money saved from not having a work commute, the comfort that comes from working in your own customizable space, and the time saved that can be spent with your human or furry loved ones. A con that comes with working remotely would be willpower (or lack thereof). If willpower is something you struggle with, working beside all of your comfort items might be a problem.

Final Thoughts

As someone who works from home, your choice of rental property can greatly affect your work-life balance and overall job satisfaction. Because of this, prioritize features such as high-speed internet, ample outlets, and a quiet environment when searching for your new rental home. Your home should not only reflect who you are as a renter but also who you are as a worker. A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind, which is why it is important to find a space that fits both your work and personal needs.
So, are you ready to search for your worker-friendly home?

What factors are most important to you? Let us know in the comments. Share your experience to help those who are on the same journey as you.