Ultimate State Directory Eviction Information Plus District and Territories

Evictions have become a hot topic as the pandemic continues. The federal eviction moratorium orders for non-payment of rent are in place until the end of 2020. However, in most cases, a state, county, or city order supersedes this national ban; especially if it provides the same or greater level of public-health protections. With so much eviction moratorium information out there, we want to give you one spot to find it all for your state, district, or territory governmental eviction process and resource links.

Note: Be sure to check your city, county, and local agencies for additional regulations and orders not addressed on these state-level links. The remarks and curated links below are for information purposes only and not to be considered legal advice. 

Landlords and Property Managers: Before taking any action against a tenant for non-payment (including serving notices), in addition to becoming familiar with the CDC eviction moratorium and your state and local eviction bans, consult a local attorney familiar with rental laws and evictions. 

Tenants and Renters: Before withholding rent from a landlord first understand your local, state, and federal regulations regarding the qualifications for eviction protection such as providing proof of hardship and submitting the forms and affidavits to your landlord as required. 

As we find useful resources it will be added below so check back often as we continue to update this page with your area’s important coronavirus eviction process resources.

Alabama Eviction and COVID Orders

Alabama Judicial System 
Administrative COVID-19 Orders and Updates
Office of the Governor of Alabama

Alaska Eviction Process Resources

Alaska Court System Information about Evictions
State of Alaska Press Releases & Documents
Official Alaska State Website

American Samoa Territory Eviction Resources

The Official Portal for the US Territory of American Samoa
COVID-19 Advisories for American Samoa Government Departments
Local Government – Office of Samoan Affairs

Arizona Eviction Information and Resource

Official Website of the State of Arizona
Arizona Court News Release | Updated Guidance for Processing Eviction Matters Based on CDC Order (8/4/2020)

Arkansas Eviction News Release and Resource

The Official Website of the State of Arkansas
Arkansas Public Service Commission News Releases

California Eviction Process and Resources

The Official Homepage of the State of California
California Governor Statewide COVID-19 Tenant and Landlord Protection Legislation (8/31/2020)
California Legislative Information | Assembly Bill 3088 Rental payment default, mortgage forbearance, state of emergency: COVID-19 (09/01/2020)

Colorado Eviction Resources and Links

Colorado Official State Web Portal
Colorado Judicial Branch Website

Connecticut Eviction Process and Orders

Connecticut’s Official State Website
Emergency Orders Issued by the Governor and Agencies
Connecticut Judicial Notice Regarding Summary Process (eviction) Execution Hearings and CDC’s Eviction Moratorium (09/14/2020)

Delaware Eviction Procedures and Process

The Official Website of the First State: Delaware
Delaware Justice of the Peace Court Order | Procedures for Landlord/Tenant Matters (09/11/2020)

District of Columbia Eviction Process and Resources

Washington, DC (District of Columbia) Website
District of Columbia Courts | Civil Matters | Landlord & Tenant 

Florida Eviction Process and Executive Order

The Official Page for Sunshine State Government
State of Florida Office of the Governor Executive Order 20-211 Extends Order 20-180 to October

Georgia Eviction Process and Statewide Order

The Official Website of the State of Georgia Government
Georgia Judicial Gateway
Supreme Court of Georgia | Sixth Order Extending Declaration of Statewide Judicial Emergency

Guam Eviction Resource Links

The Official Portal for the Island of Guam
Guam COVID-19 Guidelines and Information

Hawaii Eviction Process and Proclamation

Official Website of the Aloha
Office of the Governor State of Hawaii Fifth Supplementary Proclamation

Idaho Eviction Court Process and Links

The Official Website for the  of Idaho
Idaho State Judicial Emergency Orders
Supreme Court of the State of Idaho | Emergency Reduction in Court Services and Limitation of Access to Court Facilities

Illinois Eviction Process and Executive Orders

The  of Illinois Home Page
Illinois Executive COVID-19 Order 2020-55 (09/18/2020) Reissues and Extends Order 2020-30
Illinois Executive Order 2020-30 | Residential Eviction and Enforcement (see above extension) 

Indiana Eviction Procedures and Process

The Official Website of the  of Indiana
Indiana Supreme Court | Updated Status of Foreclosure and Eviction Proceedings with Federal Directives (09/09/2020)

Iowa Eviction Resource Links

Iowa State Resources 
Iowa Judicial Branch 

Kansas Eviction Procedures and Orders

The Official Website of the State of Kansas
State of Kansas Executive Order 20-64 Extends Certain COVID-19 Related Executive Orders through 01/26/2021

Kentucky Eviction Process and Executive Orders

State of Kentucky Homepage
Kentucky Secretary of State Executive Order 2020-700 | State of Emergency Relating to Evictions
Kentucky Executive Order 2020-751 | State of Emergency Relating to Evictions Amendment (09/04/2020)

Louisiana Eviction Process Links

The Official Government Website of Louisiana
Louisiana Judicial Branch 

Maine Eviction Orders and Links

State of Maine Website Homepage
State of Maine Judicial Branch
Maine Executive Order 5 FY 20/21 | Expanding Rent Supports and Continuing Housing Protections 

Maryland Eviction Orders and Resources

Official Website of the State of Maryland
District of Maryland Communication Regarding Landlord/Tenant Actions During Phase IV of the Maryland Judiciary’s Reopening Plan (09/04/2020)
Order of the Governor of the State of Maryland Number 20-04-03-01| Amending and Restating
Temporarily Prohibiting Evictions of Tenants Suffering Substantial Loss of Income Due to COVID-19

Massachusetts Eviction Moratorium Resources

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Website Homepage
Massachusetts Court System
Massachusetts Foreclosures and Evictions Moratorium Extension Through October 17 (07/21/2020) 

Michigan Eviction Memorandum and Resources

Official Website of the State of Michigan
Michigan Supreme Court Memorandum | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding CDC Order Halting Evictions

Minnesota Eviction Process and Executive Order

Minnesota State Website Portal
Minnesota Judicial Branch 
State of Minnesota Emergency Executive Order 20-79 | Modifying the Suspension of Evictions and Writs of Recovery During COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency

Mississippi Eviction Administrative Order and Process

Website Homepage for the  of Mississippi
Website of the Mississippi Judiciary
Supreme Court of Mississippi Emergency Administrative Order 16 (09/04/2020)

Missouri Eviction Process Links

The Official State of Missouri Website
Governor of Missouri Website
Missouri Courts and the Judicial Branch

Montana Eviction Guidance and Resouces

Montana’s Official State Website
Department of Commerce Montana Housing Guidance on COVID-19
Montana Judicial Branch 

Nebraska Eviction Process Resources

The Official Nebraska Government Website
Nebraska Judicial Branch

Nevada Eviction Process and Information Links

Nevada Judicial System Agencies
State of Nevada Website Homepage
Nevada Governor Extends Moratorium on Certain Residential Evictions Through October 14 (08/31/2020)

New Hampshire Eviction Process and Orders

The Official Web Site of New Hampshire
New Hampshire Revised Order Suspending In-Person Court Proceedings and Exceptions (Additional Provisions Regarding RSA 540 Landlord and Tenant Proceedings in Section 7)

New Jersey Eviction Process and Resources

The Official Web Site for The State of New Jersey
New Jersey Eviction and Foreclosure Executive Order 106
New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety Office of the Attorney General

New Mexico Eviction Process and FAQ

The State of New Mexico Website Homepage
The Judicial Branch of New Mexico 
New Mexico COVID-19 and Eviction FAQ

New York Eviction Procedures and Process

The Official Website of New York
Unified Court System for the State of New York
New York Memorandum | Revised Procedure for Addressing Residential and Commercial Eviction Proceedings (08/12/2020)

North Carolina Eviction Process Links

The Official Website of North Carolina
North Carolina Judicial Branch

North Dakota Eviction Proceedings and Resources

North Dakota Court System 
Official Portal for North Dakota State Government
Emergency Suspension of Eviction Proceedings | North Dakota Order 27

Northern Mariana Islands Eviction Resource Links

CNMI Office of the Governor Facebook Page
Office of the Governor Website
Northern Mariana Island Judiciary 

Ohio Eviction Process and Resources

Official Website of the State of Ohio
Supreme Court of Ohio & The Ohio Judicial System
The Supreme Court of Ohio Resource | CDC Halts Evictions

Oklahoma Eviction Process Links

Official Website for the State of Oklahoma
Oklahoma State Courts Network

Oregon Eviction Process and Executive Order

State of Oregon Home Page
Oregon State Courts
Office of the Governor of Oregon Executive Order 20-13 | Temporary Moratorium on Certain Evictions and Terminations of Rental Agreements and Leases

Pennsylvania Eviction Process Resources

The Official Website for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania
Website of the Governor of Pennsylvania

Puerto Rico Eviction Resource Links

Official Portal of the Government of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Department of Justice

Rhode Island Eviction Process and Press Release

The Official Web Site of the State of Rhode Island
Attorney General Press Release Warns Against Self-Help Evictions
Rhode Island Judiciary Website

South Carolina Eviction Resource Links

South Carolina Government Services
Courts and Legal Services for South Carolina

South Dakota Eviction Orders and Procedures

The Official South Dakota  Government Website
South Dakota Unified Judicial System
The South Dakota Unified Judicial System COVID-19 Response, Orders, and Procedures

Tennessee Eviction Resources 

State of Tennessee Government Website
Tennessee State Courts
Court and Tennessee State Agencies Innovative Eviction Summit October 1

Texas Eviction Orders and Resources

The Official Website of the State of Texas
Texas Judicial Branch Website
Supreme Court of Texas Emergency Order Regarding COVID-19 State of Disaster Docket 20-9109 

Utah Eviction Process Orders and Resources

The Official Website of the State of Utah
Utah State Judicial Branch
Utah Office of Administrative Rules
Executive Order Suspending Certain Statutes Governing Eviction Proceedings in Utah

US Virgin Islands Eviction Process Links

The Official Site of the US Virgin Islands Government
Virgin Island Department of Justice

Vermont Eviction Procedures and Process

Vermont Government Website Homepage
Official Website of the Vermont Court System
Vermont Administrative Order 49 | Declaration of Judicial Emergency and Changes to Court Procedures

Virginia Eviction Orders and Resources

The Official Website of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia Governor News Releases
Supreme Court of Virginia Orders of Judicial Emergency in Response to COVID-19 Emergency
The Official Website for Virginia’s Judicial System

Washington Eviction Proclamation and Resources

Access Washington Homepage
Washington State Courts Website
Office of the Governor State of Washington | Proclamation 20-19-.3 Extending and Amending Previous Evictions and Related Housing Practices Proclamations

West Virginia Eviction Resource Links

State of West Virginia Website
Court System and the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

Wisconsin Eviction Process Resources

The Official Website of the State of Wisconsin
Governor of Wisconsin COVID-19 Updates, Information, and Resources

Wyoming Eviction Process Links

State of Wyoming Website Homepage
Wyoming Judicial Branch

Check back often as we continue to update this page with your area’s information.