Psst! Guess what? I have exciting news! Rentec Direct has developed a method to allow you to change certain terms you see within the Rentec Direct interface. Now, you might be thinking, “What?! That kind of power is only spoken of in ancient legends!”. Or, you might not be thinking that, it is kind of an odd thing to think. Regardless, It’s true! The power to change your environment at your very whim shall soon be yours! Muahahahaha!

Navigating to Customize Words

What’s the Word?

Well, the word is whatever you want it to be. You can easily customize words in your Rentec Direct interface. Change common terms on the Customize Terms page in the Settings > Utilities portion of the software.

Language Substitutions

To use an everyday example, say you preside over a vast kingdom. Obviously, the word Tenant is unfit to be used in royal vocabulary. As such, the decision is made that a Tenant shall henceforth be known as a Subject. That just feels better. Feel the power as you type Subject as the substitution for Tenant into your Rentec Direct interface.  Save the substitution and see the immediate results.  For those living in the 21st century, another common term changes for Tenant might be “Resident” which generically works for both renters and owners which is great for those HOA managers.

But wait! There are other words you can control as well. For example, subjects in my kingdom are lucky not to pay rent or late fees. Instead subjects willfully contribute a monthly gift to the kingdom. When a subject has not given recently they happily pay a Head Retainment Privilege. It seems subjects are rather attached to their heads and prefer the relationship to remain in good standing. It’s good to be king.

Speaking of removing things, if you are not happy with a word substitution you have made, Rentec Direct provides you the ability to remove it. Click the red “x” next to any word substitution and it will be removed. Once a word substitution is removed, Rentec Direct will go back to using the original word.

Customize these terms in the Rentec Direct interface how you like! The power is yours to wield.

If there’s other terms in the software that you would like to see be customizable like these, please let us know in the comments.