Industry Leading Feature Announcement: Rentec Direct now includes passkey support to strengthen 2-factor authentication

Rentec Direct was the first property management software to offer text based two-factor authentication back in 2014, and we continue the trend of leading the industry in security by adding the latest and most secure means of two-factor authentication with passkey support.

In this unparalleled development, Rentec Direct clients now have access to the most advanced security features to provide the best data-protection for their important business, client, and tenant information in the industry.

What is a passkey?

A passkey is a type of authentication (digital credential) that verifies your identity in a more tangible way, such as by using your fingerprint, face recognition, cell phone, or other hardware device. Those objects or actions become a bridge between your device and the software, allowing you to login to your software application in a more secure manner than a password that could be vulnerable to server breaches, hacking, and phishing attacks.

Passkeys are quickly becoming the preferred method of accessing software applications as they build an additional layer of security beyond a password and two factor authentication (2FA).

Using a passkey is a faster and safer way to log into a software application compared with other methods. It is set up in advance as a verification of your identity to grant you quick and secure account access as an additional layer of protection to your two factor authentication process.

Benefits of using 2FA passkeys

For anyone using 2FA, this enhancement to your Rentec Direct property management software access is a great quality-of-life improvement. Using a passkey is much faster and easier than waiting for a text message and carefully copying that code from your text message to the login prompt. No need to repeat these processes for each login because passkeys are already vetted once you add them into the program for easy access.

For everyone else, the barriers to using 2FA are lowered. It’s very convenient, no phone is required and you don’t have to worry about being locked out of your account.
By implementing passkeys, Rentec Direct clients can improve their user experience and make it more difficult for malicious actors to launch phishing attacks.

  • Passkeys are a faster, safer, and more convenient way to use two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Users are able to add multiple passkeys and also continue to use SMS (text messaging) for their 2FA so they won’t be locked out of their accounts if they misplace their phone.
  • A cell phone is no longer required for 2FA as there are many other options available.

Adding and Using 2FA Passkeys

Using passkeys for your Rentec Direct account login is easy to set up and makes your two-factor authentication faster, more secure, and more convenient. The first step is to register your passkey(s).

Register a Passkey

Follow the instructions below to add your preferred passkeys to your Rentec Direct account.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Account click Login & Password
  3. Verify that the Enable Two-Factor Authentication option is checked. If not already enabled, check the box and click the Save option. If enabled, skip to the next step.

    Note: You can use both security keys and text messages together at the same time. To change which method you see first when signing in, click the star next to that method.
  4. Select the Add Key link
    Verify that the account is enabled for two factor authentication to add passkey support and then click the Add Key link to register your passkey
  5. Type in a title for the key. Choose any word or combination of words that will help you identify that option when signing in. For example, “Yubikey”, “Windows Hello”, and “iPhone Face ID” were used in the screenshots for the graphics below.
  6. Press Enter or click the Add button
    Adding new security passkey to your Rentec Direct account
  7. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to connect a device

    Note: If you want to add more passkeys you can repeat steps 5-7 for each passkey you’d like to add by pressing the Register New Security Key button.

    Add and register new security passkeys in Rentec Direct
  8. When finished adding passkeys, click the X to close the Manage Security Keys box.
  9. Click the Submit button when finished
    Two factor authentication with passkeys

Using a Passkey to Login

When you sign in to your account after a passkey(s) have been added, you’ll be directed to select the passkey to continue the login process. These instructions walk you through your first login using passkeys.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Before using a passkey for the first time, be sure to log out of any sessions you might have currently open. Once you’re logged out, go to the login screen, enter your username and password, and click Sign In
    Sign in to Rentec Direct property management software on the log in page
  2. Next, follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. How exactly those appear will vary depending on your browser and operating system, but here are a few examples:
    • iOS
      iOS two factor authentication Rentec security key passkey sign in
    • Mozilla Firefox on Windows
      Mozilla Firefox on Windows two factor authentication Rentec security key passkey sign in
    • Google Chrome
      Google Chrome two factor authentication security key passkey sign in to Rentec Direct
  4. Success!

You can find complete information on two-factor authentication, data security, and setting up and using passkeys, with your Rentec Direct 2FA available in your Rentec Direct Knowledge Base here:

Where can I get a security key?

You can obtain a hardware key at numerous locations, including your local electronics store, Amazon, or directly from Yubico. When logging in, you will be prompted to insert the key into your USB port and press the button on the key to authenticate. If you get a USB security key with NFC support it will provide support for both desktop browsers and mobile browsers.

Both iPhones and Android phones have built in software security key functions which can be used on their respective platforms. For example, if you use Chrome to sign in on your desktop, you can use your fingerprint on your Android phone as a key. Likewise if you sign in using Safari on an iPhone, you can use the iPhone face unlock as a key.

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