We’ve added improved support for roommates and/or secondary tenants.  You can now easily add full tenant details for multiple responsible parties on a single lease.  It’s as easy as picking an inactive tenant, right-clicking, and choosing ‘Add To Group’.  This new feature is great for the following scenarios:

  • Roommate scenarios where there are numerous responsible parties.
  • Families, such as husband + wife where you want to keep a full set of tenant data on both.
  • Any other scenario where there is more than one tenant who is jointly responsible for the rent.
  • When you have multiple payers that want ACH and each payer contributes only a portion of the rent.  (Easypay tenant ACH fully supports this scenario).  This also works equally well if the tenants are paying by cash, check, or credit card.



The “additional occupants” field will remain within the tenant edit screen and remains useful for recording other household occupants such as children or roommates that you do not need to keep a full set of data on.

For full information on how to use this feature, please visit this knowledge-base article.