uploadA new update has been published which now allows multi-select file uploads in all file libraries and workorder attachments.  To use the multi-file upload, go to the file library like normal and click ‘Upload Files’.  You’ll be presented with a selection tool where you can select one or many files.  The selection tool follows the standard conventions for multi-select.  Hold CTRL while selecting to select multiple files, or hold SHIFT to select a series of files in a row.  Once you click Open, all the files will upload to the selected library.

The file uploader for attachments has also been improved.  The new uploader happens without a popup window, and with three fewer clicks.  This makes what is typically a frequent task much smoother.

These new updates have been tested working well with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome web browsers.  If you have experiencing difficulty with any of these browsers, please verify you are running the latest version of the browser.