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GeekEstate | The Simple Tech Tools That Have Saved Me The Most Time As A Landlord

They say time is money, which means time is our most valuable resource as landlords. In addition to being a real estate investor and landlord myself, I’m a CEO, an entrepreneur, a husband and a father. I am always, always, always looking for tools and technology that can help me streamline my workflow and give me more time to focus on the bigger picture. [click the link above to read more]

Forbes Real Estate Council | Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Implementing New Real Estate Technology

Traditionally, real estate has been a slower adopter of technology than other industries, but that is quickly changing. “Proptech” is now a thing, as those in the real estate space embrace technology to create efficiencies in everything from the home sales process to property management tasks. (Full disclosure: My company offers property management software solutions, as do many others.) The bottom line: Technology, especially automation, can help cut costs, streamline workflows and free people up to use their skills for more than mind-numbing manual tasks. [click the link above to read more] | 6 Money-Saving Moving Hacks To Make Your Move Cheaper (and Easier)

Moving to a new home is an expensive undertaking, even in the best of circumstances. It’s also stressful, with nearly two-thirds of adults saying that moving house was their most stressful life event.

It’s not surprising that the costs associated with moving can compound stress levels. So, it makes good sense to plan ahead. It’s also good to find ways to save money if you’re planning to move. There are quite a few moving hacks you can utilize to cut costs when moving to a new home. [click the link above to read more]

RISMedia’s Housecall | Understanding At-Home Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) are gaining popularity across the globe—in the U.S., with EV sales nearly doubling from 2020 to 2021 and HEV sales up even more. If you’re considering adding an electric vehicle to your fleet, there are a few things to consider when it comes to charging it at your home. [click the link above to read more]

RelayFi | Budgeting Tips and Strategies for Property Managers

Whether you have one rental or are managing a large property portfolio, a well-planned budget will help you effectively manage your cash flow and help you prepare for future expenditures with an eye towards growth potential and profits.

If you’ve never thought about budgets or budgeting for your rental business, you may feel like you’re floating adrift at sea with no direction — this article will help you navigate those waters with some budgeting tips and strategies to help you back to solid ground. [click the link above to read more]

Podcasts | The Leadership Mindset Drives Growth with Nathan Miller at Rentec Direct

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August 7, 2022/in Growth Think Tank, Leadership /by Gene Hammett
Nathan shares his thoughts on how leadership mindset drives growth. We discuss the importance of employees and creating a family culture. We dived into the some core aspects of leadership mindset to help employees be a stronger leader and drive growth for the company. | Our Latest Member Spotlight: Nathan Miller

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Rentec Direct Named on the Inc. 5000 Annual List for Sixth Consecutive Year

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