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What a privilege to continue to contribute to industry leaders such as Forbes and BiggerPockets while sharing our real estate expertise and insights. With summer is in full swing and Q2 has wrapped up, there’s no better time to grab your favorite beverage and catch up on the articles and industry news you might have missed this quarter.

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Forbes | Three Ways To Secure And Retain Top Talent In Today’s Business Environment

Experts predict that as “the great resignation” occurs, more businesses will find themselves struggling to acquire and keep talent after the pandemic made some employees reevaluate their work-life balance. Holding onto great workers doesn’t happen by accident, and as the owner of a business that has managed to maintain a high employee retention rate, Nathan Miller has some expert advice to share.

Actively fostering a positive work environment and offering professional development opportunities can go a long way to ensuring that employees are provided with the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Employees’ job enjoyment should be as much of a priority as client satisfaction. — Read More —

Realtor Magazine|3 Pieces of Advice You Can Give Short-Term Rental Investors

With more investment opportunities available as the market begins to recover, short-term rentals can be a profitable option–but only if a wide range of factors are considered. Realtors with clients who are thinking of taking the plunge should educate themselves on short-term rentals in your market in order to help your clients find investing success.

Location is important, but there may be more to it than you initially think. This is especially true in areas where local municipalities have put restrictions or bans on Airbnb rentals. Managing short-term rentals can be significantly more hands-on and have a lot of time constraints compared to long-term rental properties. — Read More —

RISMedia’s Housecall | Springtime Home Goals: 4 Books to Start Fresh This Season

The holiday season is a beautiful time of the year, but there’s no denying that it can also be stressful. It involves cleaning your home to host guests, shopping for new decor and presents for your family and friends, as well as cooking everyone’s favorite meals and desserts. During this busy season, take extra care to make sure that your property isn’t damaged, remains safe and, of course, that you and your guests have the most memorable holiday season in history. — Read More —

BiggerPockets | Putting PropTech to Work For Your Real Estate Business

Property technology or “PropTech” may be familiar to you, but the term might be new. A relative newcomer to the “Tech” suffix world, how can it be put to work in your real estate investing business? This category of technology dedicated to the real estate industry can help real estate investors, landlords, property managers, agents, leasing agents, investors, contractors, and other persons or businesses research, build and develop, buy or sell, rent, and manage real estate.

Implementing PropTech can be as simple as using a platform that allows tenants to pay rent online (eliminating all the steps associated with physically issuing a check). Other tools can serve to eliminate lengthy or repetitive processes throughout your week. To uncover what type of PropTech you might need, there are a few questions you can ask. — Read More —


Champion Leadership Group | SaaS Fuel™ | Episode 49: Nathan Miller – Solving for One, Selling to Thousands

Join Jeff Mains and Rentec Direct’s Founder and President, Nathan Miller, on this SaaS Fuel™ Founder Episode. After struggling to manage his own rental portfolio, Nathan began to make a software that would cut his daily management tasks down and ensure he wouldn’t forget important to-do’s or information. Rentec Direct was born. Nathan managed to meet his software need for not just himself but for 25,000+ other landlords and property managers too!

Find out more about the background of Rentec Direct and why Rentec Direct has consistently earned top scores from clients and industry experts. Listen as Nathan explains how his business grew organically and debt-free while prioritizing customer experience and innovation. –Listen Here–

Rentec In the News

In addition to full-length articles and podcasts, many news outlets and educational resources continue to rely on Rentec Direct for quotes and data for their readership. Here are a few from last quarter and highlights from the year:

Porch.com | Room-by-Room Baby Proofing Checklist: Essential Tips

Southern Oregon Business Journal | Anyone can be successful, Just ask Nathan Miller

Grants Pass Oregon’s Daily Courier | Rentec Direct has first property management software to use AI (Business Buzz)

Press Releases

Q2 of 2023 has been a busy time for the Rentec Direct team for announcements and industry-leading new software features. Here are some Rentec Direct press releases you may have missed: