Rentec Direct Acquires TrueRent

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Rentec Direct Acquires TrueRent Property Management Software

Rentec Direct is pleased to announce the acquisition of TrueRent property management software. Rentec Direct specializes in full-service property management software for landlords, property managers, investors, owners, and renters. Through this acquisition, Rentec Direct will onboard TrueRent clients and offer them expanded services and advanced features.

As part of the acquisition, Rentec Direct will migrate current TrueRent clients onto their platform, in order to provide them with enhanced functionality and award-winning service. TrueRent was founded in 2014 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company specializes in providing affordable property management software for landlords and property managers in the SMB market. Some of TrueRent’s key product offerings include online ACH rent payments and work order tracking. Rentec Direct will expand service to TrueRent clients with features like instant tenant screening reports, same-day funding for online payments, renters insurance, tenant and owner portal mobile apps, and more.Rentec Direct Acquires TrueRent

Rentec Direct has been working with TrueRent clients to welcome and onboard them onto their new platform with a dedicated support team, special live training sessions, and one-on-one support calls.

“TrueRent is an outstanding company that not only built a platform that ultimately serviced tens of thousands of property managers, but also has core values that include providing an innovative product and amazing customer support to their clients. We found that our values aligned well with theirs, and are pleased to give their clients even more options for streamlining their real estate business by providing them an automated migration path to Rentec Direct.” says Nathan Miller, president of Rentec Direct.

“We have always strived to provide user-centric software, with exceptional service and enhanced features. We shared a vision with Rentec Direct and feel confident knowing our customers will be in great hands,” says Haley Anastassiou, co-founder of TrueRent.

Acquisition Details

Rentec Direct and TrueRent came to terms with the acquisition on January 20th, 2022. On February 9th Rentec Direct began migrating TrueRent client data to the Rentec Direct platform. TrueRent will discontinue operations on March 20th, 2022.

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