linked-152575_640There are so many aspects to consider when determining what your online social media presence should be. Determining how much time and effort should be put into online How to; target the correct audience, ensure you’re portraying an image that is professional, and most importantly getting the exposure to increase business and raise awareness about your product or service.


A quick search on LindkedIn for “property manager” will get you over 1,630,000 results! This tells me that there are a whole lot of property managers that find value in having a LinkedIn account


Step1: Setup Your Accounts

Make a personal LinkedIn account and a business account. Your profile is critical, it will show others that you are credible and a good connection to have. Your profile should tell your story so that when someone finds you they get the whole picture. Don’t be shy, let people know about all of your achievements and successes. Think of it as a Resume after all building business connections and furthering your business is the name of the game.


Step 2: Build Your Network

This step is critical and takes a bit of time. It’s very important to personalize your requests, go into said persons profile and click connect don’t use some generic cut and paste line send a meaningful note.  If someone asks you to connect respond to there request with a thank you and take the opportunity to build rapport. Sharing your connections articles or commenting on there posts will facilitate relationship building. Another great tool is to write recommendations for your colleagues and connections.


Step3: Increase Your Business

Now that you’ve connected with business partners, vendors, property owners and other real estate related professionals its time for your hard work to pay off. By increasing your exposure and building relationships business is bound to be funneled your way, through referrals or direct connections. Creating as many ways as possible for people to find your company is critical. Having a business, as well as a personal LinkedIn, account will allow people to find out more details about your company.


I wish you all the best of luck with your social media endeavors whether on LinkedIn or any other social media sites.