Rentec Direct Property Listing Page

Your property listings are about to get an awesome makeover that will make your vacant properties stand out and get noticed, so you can fill those vacancies fast. It’s all part of the property listings redesign brought to you by your Rentec Direct development team!

We’ve been hard at work here at Rentec Direct on a visual overhaul of the property-listings websites and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that the work is finally done and ready for you – our wonderful clients!

property listing page Rentec Direct


Marketing features, like the property listing page, are part of the many features available in your Rentec Direct account. The property listing page is one of the pages included in your custom property management website and is a great way to make your business stand out.  You are able to showcase your property’s feature, include rent information and application requirements. Your prospective renters are also able to apply online directly from the property listing.

The updates to your property listings include instant search results, making it easier than ever for prospective tenants to browse your available rentals to find one that fits their needs. Beyond other visual improvements, the new design is fully responsive, so it looks professional and clean on both mobile and desktop devices.

Instant Search

Included with the redesign is a completely rewritten search tool. Your future tenants can look for a property that fits their needs exactly, like maximum rent amount, number of bedrooms, and other common property amenities.  This ensures your tenants discover exactly what they are looking for and won’t waste your time calling about properties that are out of their budget or missing must-have amenities.

With the new updates to the search feature, prospective tenants can search your properties directly from the listings page and get the results of their search instantly. No more going back and forth between the search form and the search results on separate pages.

See the new search tool in action!

search rental properties


Fully Responsive Design

We worked hard to make sure that the new design is compatible with all major devices and browsers. Now your properties will look amazing on all devices from mobile to desktop, and everything in between.

responsive rental listing page

How do I upgrade my website to the new design?

At this point you probably just want to see how your property listings look with this new design and are wondering how to make that happen.

The good news is the upgrade will take place automatically without any effort on your part. All of our clients will see the change roll out this week. We hope you enjoy the new design as much as we enjoyed making it!

Want to learn more about Rentec Direct’s marketing features for your rental properties?  Give us call at 800-881-5139 or send us a message to, we are always excited to talk with our amazing clients.

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