Your property list now shows you thumbnails of the properties for easier identification!  The thumbnail will be the primary picture for your property.  To upload picture(s) just right-click on the property and choose Marketing Info.  In the pictures frame, upload one or more pictures that represent your property.

In addition, there’s some great new filter options you can begin using today.  On the properties tab you can search by owner, square footage, or bed/baths.  For bed/baths, just enter Xbr/Xba (just replace the X’s with the correct values).

The bright green/red action buttons on the right for posting payments, debits, and menu have been updated with softer versions and placed right under the balance to make better use of the available room on the page.  If you prefer the balance to have a column all of it’s own, you can disable the action buttons in settings, program defaults.  You then can still reach all the actions by right-clicking on the property, tenant, etc.