You’ve always been able to login using the same account simultaneously with multiple people or locations; however, we’ve gone one step further. You can now create multiple accounts which all access the same data. This allows property management companies or multi-owner landlord associations to create individual unique logins and passwords for each person. No longer is there a need to share the same password.

We’ve completed and rolled out phase 1 of this project.  Phase 2 will be integrating unique permissions per user into the system.  We’re currently accepting feedback on what permissions would be useful to you.  If you have ideas, please submit them to or by adding a comment to this post.

To access this new feature, click the Settings tab, and choose Manage User Accounts.  The primary user (the one you signed up with and access Rentec with today) has access to manage and change any of the sub-user accounts including access to look up passwords.

As a default, and to ensure the highest security, any account not used for 6 consecutive months will be disabled automatically.  To restore an account, edit it via this management interface and change the Active setting to Yes.

This feature is available for all Rentec Pro, PM, and Association users.