lease_expire_reportYou’ve asked, we’ve listened!  Lease tracking is now available in Rentec Direct.  Here’s how you can use it today.

For new placements.  When placing a new tenant, simply specify the lease end date when moving them in; it is right below the move-in date.  The system takes care of the rest and will track the lease throughout their tenancy. You can update the lease expiration at any time by clicking the Tenants tab, then the modify link next to the lease expiration date.

For existing tenants, there’s a little secret to adding a lease.  Click on the Tenants tab, then click the move out link.   At the top of the page is a link that says “if you just want to add a lease expiration date, click here“.  Click that link, and you will be prompted to add the lease expiration date for the existing tenant.

Of course, lease tracking would not be complete without a report giving you a rundown of which leases are ending.  A new report is available within the Reports tab named Lease Expiration.  An example of this report is displayed above, click it to expand the image.