mother's day resident event

Mother’s Day is just a hop and a skip away. And Mother’s Day can be the perfect holiday to celebrate your renters (and specifically the moms in residence).

Encourage community, have a little extra fun, and remind your tenants that you care with a Mother’s Day resident event. From something simple and sweet to a sophisticated soiree, there is an idea to fit any budget and timeline.

Sweet and Simple Ideas:

A resident event doesn’t have to be costly or complicated to garnish the desired effect. After all, in the end, the true goal is a simple reminder that your management team is constantly working to ensure that residents enjoy living on your property. A small gesture on a holiday is the perfect way to make a connection with your residents without blocking out hours for party planning.

This Mother’s Day consider a going the sweet and simple route by:

  • Mother’s Day Flowers: Tell moms to stop by the front office for a carnation while supplies last, or have residents stop by to pick one up to give to mom themselves. This idea isn’t costly but ensures that your management team will have a moment to say hi to any residents stopping by that day.
  • Iced Tea Bar: Create an easy iced tea bar like this one, and enjoy a low-maintenance way to send your residents a little refreshment during their day. Use a single-serve coffee maker or an electric kettle to allow residents to serve themselves their favorite tea over ice. A few tea selections in a basket, a punch bowl of ice cubes, and some sliced fruit or mint leaves rounds out the iced tea bar making it effortlessly fancy.
  • Card Craft Station: Allow your smallest residents to get in on the action by creating a Mother’s Day card crafting station. Set out crayons, markers and pencils, along with stickers and colored construction paper to ensure that any children in residence are able to surprise their mom with something special.
  • Mother’s Day Sundae: Treat your residents to something sweet this Mother’s Day by offering a Sundae bar with all the fixings.

Sophisticated Soiree Ideas:

If you have the extra time and budget to plan something a little more complicated, it won’t go unnoticed. Truly celebrate the moms living at your rental property or invite your residents to bring their own moms by to join in the celebration.

Go above and beyond for your residents with these ideas:

  • Mother’s Day Tea Party: Bust out your fancy hats and set up a spread outdoors for all residents to bring their moms to enjoy. Offer mini sandwiches, scones and cookies, and–of course– a lot of delicious tea for everyone to drink.
  • Mother’s Day Brunch: This is a classic for a reason; everyone loves delicious brunch foods, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to make great connections with other businesses by asking a local restaurant to cater. Allow residents to RSVP and bring their own mothers to the brunch. From waffles to berries and french toast, your residents will love taking Mom to a delicious meal while showing off how wonderful it is to live at your rental property.

Any time is a great time to build community in your rental property and create a resident event. And while classic holiday parties are always fun, the smaller events can provide a much-needed greeting from you to your residence–without breaking the bank.

This Mother’s Day, show moms (and all your residents) that you are there for them with a resident event they’ll truly appreciate.

This article was originally published in April 2019 and has since been updated