right-click-file-libraryThe other day we announced Better Search and Attachment Previews, and piggybacking on that update we’ve just unleashed another maintenance release which provides context (right-click) menus throughout the application.  We’ve added them in most list locations so the entire application has a consistent look & feel when it comes to navigation.  We’ve also included some additional right-click features.  A couple notable examples:

  • The ledgers now include a delete transaction option within right-click menu.   That’s right, you no longer need to edit the transaction first to delete it, you can delete it right from the ledger.  This is a huge time-saver if you have a lot of transactions to delete.
    PRO TIP: Right-click to delete, then press your space bar on the keyboard to acknowledge the warning and delete quickly.
  • We pushed the same preview code introduced earlier to the transactions ledgers into the file library, along with some additional right-click menu options on files.  Double-clicking on a file now opens it up in preview as well.

We’ve added double-click functionality in many locations.  If you have fast clicking fingers, use these double-click shortcuts to navigate around faster.

  • On the properties and tenants lists, double-click the line to enter the ledger.
  • Within ledgers, double-click to edit a transaction.
  • Within the file libraries, double-click to preview files.
  • Within the settings pages (categories, payees, etc..) double-click to view/edit the information.

Mac User Tip: Using a Mac with no right click button?  No problem; just use CTRL-click to bring up the right-click menu.  Learn more about how to right-click on a Mac.