The tenant portal is the simplest way for tenants to pay rent, place workorders, update contact information, and view the summary screen which will let tenants know when their next payment is due or any past due rents.

Property managers and landlords can easily activate this feature by logging in and selecting the tenant you want to have access and simply click ‘Enable’ on Tenant Portal. The tenants username will be their email address so you must have an email address on file for them. The password you can select for the tenant or the system will generate a random password that can be changed at a later time.


Tenants will be able to access the portal 24 hours a day by visiting and clicking Login, or directly by going to

Once in tenant portal tenants will have a “Repairs” tab if they select the tab they will be able to see all workorders associated with the property they are renting.  Clicking on any of the workorders will give them a few limited details.  Tenants are able “Report an issue” with the property they are renting at the bottom of the screen. By reporting the problem a workorder will automatically be created and an email notification will be sent to you (the property manager or landlord).  There are options and preferences that can be set for the workorder capability. You can disallow tenants from placing workorders, change email preferences, and limit the tenants ability to view workorders.

Rentec Direct is pleased to have the tenant portal so that just like landlords and property managers tenants can login and access account details. We’ve put together a short demo video on how to setup the tenant portal and an overview of it’s functionality.