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A new user permission has been introduced to your property management software to help you manage your user accounts, giving your employees the permissions they need to do their tasks.

You will see, when editing permission for a user, the new option of “Allow Editing of Transaction Amount ” is available.  Setting this to “Yes” allows the user to modify transaction amounts. Setting it to “No” allows the user to edit other elements of a transaction other than the amount.

Why is this such a valuable new permission?

Occasionally a tenant might post a single payment which is for two separate things.  This would be applicable for an online rent payment, or even if they sent in a single check for two separate charges.   For this example, let’s say its a payment of $2,000. $1,000 is for their rent, and $1,000 is for their security deposit.  The tenant doesn’t know the difference so you have an employee (or contractor, or virtual assistant) who has limited access to go in and split the payment in two.  This limited user can turn $2,000 into two $1,000 split lines under different categories, but they cannot modify the transaction to equal anything more or less than $2,000.

This is important from a security standpoint.  You want each of your users to have the tools they need to do their job, but only access to what they *need*.  This new permission opens up a lot of possibilities of reducing overall permission levels but allows applicable employees access to edit the components of a transaction that you need while helping you remain compliant and secure.

Enhanced User Permissions

This new permission goes well with other permissions that were recently added to the system:

  • Editing of Reconciled Transactions – Allow or disallow users to edit transactions that have been marked as reconciled.
  • Restrict Transaction Edit after a number of days – Restrict users to only be able to edit transactions that are X days old.   For example, enter 30 here and this user will not be able to edit any transactions older than 30 days.

There are dozens of user permissions available withing your Rentec Direct software, click here to learn more.

Rentec Direct continues to be the industry leader in user permissions.

We’ve paid attention to your requests for finer-grained controls and Rentec Direct continues to have the most robust user permissions system in the industry.  As you can see from the list of permissions available for your users you can allow or restrict access to almost any section of the software and data. This power and flexibility allows you to maintain a tight ship.

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