Back in May we announced a new feature which would let users add alternate contact management information to properties.  The feature was a big hit and we’ve now expanded upon, and slightly modified, how the feature works.  The end result is a highly flexible, very scale-able system for “managing” property managers.

You can now add all your property managers just once.  Then when creating (or editing) the property, just select the appropriate manager from the new Property Manager drop-down option.  This saves having to re-type the same information in over and over for each property a manager handles.  We’re all about saving clicks and keystrokes whenever possible!   The capabilities now include:

  • The property manager’s information will be displayed on all statements and invoices
  • The property manager’s information will be displayed on online ads and syndication
  • The property manager’s email will be used when an online application is returned

For a full set of instructions on how to use this new feature, visit the property management knowledge base.

More great news!  We’re always doing little incremental improvements to the system to make it work better and more secure.  Many go unannounced; however, here’s a special little improvement we’re going to mention because there’s been so many requests for it..

We’ve updated the system to make your life easier when adding multi-unit properties.  From here forward, when you define defaults (property type, income account, expense account, property manager, property owner, and pay to) on the main property, when adding subunits to that main property those defaults will carry into the subunits.  Since the highest use case is the same values hold true for all subunits, this saves a lot of mouse clicks when entering a new multi-unit property.