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Summer is officially here and the warmer, drier weather lends itself to getting projects done around rental properties. There’s some things that need to be done annually after a long, rainy, snowy, cold winter. Besides the ongoing maintenance it’s also important to inspect and repair items with a longer maintenance schedule.

1. Power wash the sidewalks and exterior of all of the buildings on the property. Keeping things clean not only keeps the property looking nice, it also extends the life of the paint and allows you to carefully inspect the condition of the home etc to see if there is any additional repairs needed due to leaking or cracking.

2. Clean the windows annually after the rain has stopped. Removing dirt, water stains, fingerprints and grime from windows improves the appearance of the property which will increase the property value.

3. Repair cracks or broken parts of concrete or asphalt in walkways and driveways. Uneven and cracked walking surfaces can be a trip hazard and can actually be more serious then a typical skinned knee or twisted ankle.

4. Replace any dead or overgrown trees and shrubs. Planting trees and flowers adds to the aesthetic value and curb appeal of the home. While this may not seem like a big deal it could play a big roll in whether or not your home sits vacant or gets rented out quickly.

5. General landscaping clean up can include pick up of any branches that may have fallen as well as pruning and trimming shrubs and trees.

6. A fresh coat of paint whether it’s the trim, a little touch up or the entire building will make the property look much better.

7. Inspect the property for any damage or things that detract from the property. Replacing or repairing trim and gutters and making sure the tenants are keeping things clean.

Properly maintaining your property is a good return on investment. Repairing issues when there small will save money in the long run whereas deferring the maintenance can cause the issue to become worse. In addition a well kept home is higher in value and can improve the property values of the neighborhood as a whole.