online rent payment

The dreaded rent due deadline looms every month, resulting in another chunk of your paycheck paying for those solid walls and the protective roof that keeps you safe and sound each day.

With the alternative resulting in certain eviction, paying rent takes 3 forms for most renters, each one less stressful than the last.

ways-to-pay-rent-nopantsneededPay Rent In Person

Each month you make the trip to your property manager’s office or landlord’s home to hand off a check. If you’re out of town when the first of the month rolls around, you need to plan ahead and hope the manager pays attention to a post-dated check (although he is not obligated to).

You also have to remember and schedule these monthly visits. I am sure I am not alone in waking up in cold sweats the day rent is due, only to sprint out of my house in the middle of the night to slip a rent check into the dropbox, praying it makes the midnight deadline.

Pay Rent via Snail Mail

Alternatively, you could plan ahead, write the check, find a stamp, mail your rent to the PM and hope that it makes it in time. You aren’t in the clear until you see the balance removed from your checking account. Or, worst case scenario, you get a phone call from your property manager saying that they never received the check and the “rent is lost in the mail” excuse isn’t going to fly.  Even though a quick Google Search of “Mailman caught not delivering mail” shows multiple accounts of thousands of letters getting trashed by postal workers across the country, your PM has no reason to believe you.

Pay Rent Online

Imagine simply hitting a “pay now” button from an app on your cell phone each month from the comfort of your home. Or while on vacation somewhere tropical.

Online rent payments take the stress and the effort of paying rent each month.

There are additional options via online rent payment apps that allow renters to set up recurring automatic payment via ACH (automatic bank draft) so you don’t even have to think about it. Talk about stress-free!

How to Get Your Landlord To Let You Pay Rent Online

Tell your landlord that you would like to pay rent online with Rentec Online Rent Payments. Renters who pay rent online are less likely to pay rent late (good news for you and your landlord!). Plus, setting up online rent payments is as a simple as setting up a PayPal account or other online bill-pay account, like your power bill.

How it works for your landlord. Your landlord will sign up for a property management software account with Rentec Direct, which gives them access to hundreds of amazing features beyond online rent payments that will make rental management easier.  But for you, the renter, the biggest benefit is the Tenant Portal, which lets you pay rent online and submit maintenance requests as needed.

Remind your landlord that if you pay rent online, the payment will automatically show up in their bank account, significantly improving their workday with fewer trips to the banks and less time spent entering payment data into their books.

Online rent payments with Rentec Direct benefit both landlords and renters. Renters get to take the stress and effort out of paying rent online. Landlords get reliable, on-time rent payments and eliminate double entry in accounting.

Still not convinced?

How does $50 towards your rent sound? If you get your landlord to sign up for Online Rent Payments with Rentec Direct, we will send you $50.

Just send us the receipt of your first online rent payment made to your landlord or property manager using Rentec Direct, and we will verify the new account and send you $50.

Take back the first of the month with easy online rent payments from Rentec Direct.