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Decorating and organizing your apartment can be full of fun and excitement, but it can be easy to get sucked into the belief that in order to have a cohesive and well-decorated space, that you have to hit your local department store and break the bank in the process. This is completely untrue!

Break free of that mentality with these surprisingly easy–and of course, damage-free– design ideas from products you can find at the dollar store that will be perfect for your rental.

Command Brand Removable Hooks

Did you know you can find Command brand hooks at your local dollar store? Every renter needs a few of these on hand at all times, they’re a staple in your damage-free decorating arsenal.

Command hooks have extremely versatile decor uses and avoid the holes caused by nails, screws, or thumbtacks. As long as you follow the application, removal, and weight instructions, you should have a handy way to hang your favorite art and small bags.

Pro Tip:  If you decide you want a large number of hooks, or that you need faux metal hooks for a higher-end aesthetic, you may find that another store would offer a better selection. However, if you are just wanting a few standard plastic hooks to try out, look no further than the dollar store.

Removable Wall Decals

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Traditionally removable wall decals can sometimes be a tad kitschy, but a well-thought-out area can often benefit from the extra visual interest.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match decals with framed art for a gallery wall for added sophistication. Fun and colorful designs can be used for kids’ rooms or play areas–in fact, I’ve used a dollar store decal for just this very reason. They were easy to remove without damage, and they brightened up an otherwise dull, windowless space.

Removable decals can be the perfect solution for areas that need a pop of color without painting or creating a permanent change.

Pro Tip:  Remember that even non-bargain items should always be tested in an inconspicuous area first before applying to your walls in large quantities, but this is especially true for unfamiliar brands that you may procure at a cheaper price.

Files and Folders

At first glance, these inexpensive gems may not seem like a decor staple, but a truly curated space starts with organization.

Papers can be the biggest culprit of unwanted clutter. Stop the disarray. Create design-friendly organization in the form of a command center. Tack labeled folders on your wall for an easy-to-access way to manage mail sorting–like this professional organizer’s apartment.

Throughout the year, but especially around school-time, the dollar store has plenty of simple or trendy file and folder options to choose from. Buy a few for an organized aesthetic that is surprisingly impactful for the look and feel of your space. No more losing important bills or rummaging through pieces of mail left on the counter. Just put it in your folder of choice and enjoy your home.

Washi Tape

washi tape

If you don’t already know why Washi tape is the new trend in rental decorating, you are missing out. With a texture similar to masking tape, these rolls feature an adhesive that is easy to take off nearly any surface without damage.

Washi tape comes in an array of colorful designs making it an ideal accessory in your decorating toolbelt. Use it to create repeating patterns that mimic a faux wallpaper, or get truly creative and design a work of art right on your walls!

Purchasing these rolls of trendy tape can be spendy at many stores or online. The dollar store comes through once again with fun colors and patterns for every decor style.

Bathroom & Makeup Organizers

Let’s face it, rental bathrooms are not always the most spacious. If you are finding that a small space is hampering your organization and your style, chances are, your local dollar store has you covered.

From display-ready makeup organizers to tiny baskets to use as drawer dividers, this is definitely the place to stock up on items that can help you wrangle your belongings in your small space. And while these dollar store upgrades can’t turn your tiny shower into a Jacuzzi tub, these simple solutions can help keep your bathroom tidier and more inviting.

A curated home does not have to equal an empty bank account, and there is no reason that renters should be afraid to decorate during their lease term. Choosing damage-free decor to reflect your personal style will make your space significantly more welcoming. You may have saved with these savvy dollar store finds, but that homey feeling is priceless.

This article was originally published on August 17th, 2017, and has been updated.

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