Landlords To Be Thankful For This Year

You’ve done it again! Pouring your energy and heart into caring for your tenants, properties, and communities all year. And what a whirlwind of a year this has been. Landlords and those working in the industry to support them are extraordinary. That means you are extraordinary —  and if you haven’t heard it much lately, here’s a heartfelt Thank You for all you do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if tenants understood the complexity of the industry and how much hard work is involved? Now, more than ever with shelter in place and self-quarantine, a rental is a home, office, school, and recreation all-in-one. Housing is an essential service and during these troubled times, your service to this industry is that much more important and appreciated. 

In the beginning…

Around the world, landlords have been going above and beyond to make sure tenants and communities are cared for during this pandemic. During the first few months, we captured some great examples and compiled a list of simple ways landlords could help. You can check that out here if you missed it:

Amazing Landlord Responses to Covid-10 | Plus Simple Ways to Help your Tenants

Amazing landlords continue to be A-Mazing

Since then, the amazing stories of how you continue to help and the sacrifices you are making keep pouring in. Some landlords have not only offered repayment solutions or discounts but incorporated clever ideas that benefit the community at large. 

Royse & Brinkmeyer Apartments, for example, are creative heroes giving a concession on rent in exchange for tenants making masks. All material was provided, the tenants only had to provide the labor. More than 1000 masks have now been donated. 

That was just one of many services and programs they employed to help struggling tenants. To read about their other programs, the whole story can be found here: Coronavirus response | For one large area landlord, ‘generosity is always there’. 

Of course, this time of year, landlords are often generous with offering groceries during the holiday season, especially giving turkeys to their tenants.

A Gift of Gratitude

A gift of appreciation doesn’t need to be tangible. Informational resources and continuing the cycle of gratitude with simple and kind gestures and words can be enough to let others around you know you care.

A Gift of Appreciation

Maybe your budget hasn’t allowed the opportunity for these types of programs. On top of being underappreciated, landlords are struggling to pay their mortgages and other financial obligations as tenants continue to lag behind in paying rent. 

If you are a landlord feeling overwhelmed by this paradigm, to show appreciation for the struggle we’ve put together a few articles to help. 

Landlord Resources | Help with Mortgage and Other Financial Assistance

Tenant Resources | Help with Rent and Other Financial Assistance 

Regardless of what discounts, services, or gifts you are or aren’t able to provide, your dedication to the industry and your tenants is worthy of gratitude. We know that landlording isn’t just an occupation but a calling of sorts. You care about your properties and investment — you care about your tenant’s health and safety — and that should be celebrated! 

The Cycle of Gratitude

Even if funds are tight, landlords like you often find opportunities to spread gratitude. If you are looking for some ideas to improve your resident retention and bring light to your community, here are some (free and low cost) suggestions: 

Resident Retention and Stress-Free Property Management
A Gratitude and Mindfulness Approach

Speaking of stress, it isn’t easy to continue day-in and day-out doing the hard work of property management during these times of uncertainty. It can all be overwhelming. You deserve to know that you are not in this alone and there is help to get you through moments of stress so here’s a little encouragement: Two Truths and a Lie about Stress Management: Landlord Edition

Thankful for Landlords Like You

We are thankful for landlords like you who put their tenants, properties, and communities first.

Thankful for You

Your choice of vocation provides not just a place to live but a place to call home for your residents. Tenants might not understand this nor appreciate all you do, but it doesn’t go unnoticed here. 

As the holidays are upon us, we want to thank you for choosing property management. We are grateful for your contribution to this industry and appreciate your heart to serve.