Managing Recurring Transactions

Access the webinar recording here: Managing Recurring Transactions

Landlords and property managers know that addressing recurring charges is a pivotal task out of the many duties within the rental industry. The most common recurring charge, of course, being monthly rent. Great accounting practices lie at the heart of any healthy business, and businesses within the property management industry are no exception.

We recently hosted a webinar for Rentec Direct clients all about the who, what, when, where, and why of recurring transactions within your Rentec Direct account. The webinar included valuable information from your Director of Client Experience, Janell Kittleson, and Kathryn your Rentec Direct Client Success Team Lead. Learn how to avoid common mistakes, which recurring transactions are system-generated, what recurring transactions actually allow you to do.

You will also find helpful information on the details of your system defaults (and how to edit those settings). This information will include settings such as, how many days prior to the rent’s due date the charge will show up in your tenant’s account, how to change your invoice date for a particular tenant, and much more. Finally, learn how to address other common recurring charges within your software, beyond just monthly rent. Find out best practices for adding charges such as monthly pet fees, utilities, internet services, and lawn maintenance into your software.

This webinar is perfect for our clients who are seasoned pros with the software, as well as new account users. After all, everyone can benefit from efficient and newly fine-tuned accounting skills. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ensure your accounting is in tip-top shape.

Access the webinar recording here: Managing Recurring Transactions


  • Why they are created
  • Difference between Rent Charges and Recurring Expenses
  • How they are automatically created
  • Where to create secondary recurring charges
  • Each element of a recurring transaction explained
  • How to edit & delete
  • How to avoid common mistakes



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