Our developers are on fire!  A new Rentec Pro feature has been rolled out for all Rentec Basic and future Rentec Pro users.  You can now automatically dispatch emails to your tenants for important notices.  Emails can automatically be sent for the following actions:

  • Tenant overdue notices – When your tenant becomes overdue, the system will automatically send an email.
  • Recurring charge notices – When a recurring charge (such as a recurring rental charge) shows up on their account, Rentec can automatically send a notice.
  • Other charge notices – For any other charges posted to the tenant’s ledger.
  • Payment and Credit notices – When a payment is posted to the account send an email notice.

email_templatesAll emails the system sends out are fully customizable via our online html editor.  Visit Settings, Email Templates to configure them exactly how you want.  You can even incorporate database elements such as the tenant’s name, their balance, or the transaction amount.  Sample templates are included for your convenience.

To activate email notifications, edit your tenant via the tenants tab and check Send Email Notifications.  To fine tune specifically which notices go out, click the edit button.

As with other Rentec Pro features released lately, all Pro functionality is included with every Rentec Basic membership up until the official release of Rentec Pro.  Enjoy these features and please let us know what you think.