We’ve been hearing from our subscribers that Rentec is one of the only landlord software offering a reliable online storage solution for important documents.  We are very pleased to hear that!  Since most software applications run on the user’s computer, it stands to reason our product is “ahead of the game” by running on a high powered server instead.  That’s what gives Rentec a 1-up on the other fellas.

As a thank you to our existing customers and those in the future looking for new or different property management software, we’re going to improve it yet further.

Effective immediately, the free version is getting bumped from 25MB to 100MB of storage.  Wait, there’s more….  Until we have the Pro version released, we’re going to allow any free version subscriber the full 1000MB of storage.  That’s probably enough room for all your important documents, plus some.

We don’t restrict what gets uploaded.  If you want to throw a couple other items in there that aren’t related to your property, it’s no skin off our back.  We’re ok with that.