Managing properties is easy, said no one ever! This time of year with fall fast approaching things get even busier. Preparing your properties for the cold months ahead is a big task and includes things like; winterizing the irrigation system, cleaning gutters, pruning plants….the list goes on and on. I think that during this stressful time of year, you deserve a break. So %rental properties and head out to have some fun.

You may be wondering to yourself, how can I make the time to relax or get out of town for a bit during one of the busiest times of year for property managers? The answer is easy: property management software. If you use a reputable and user-friendly property management software such as the company I use, Rentec Direct, you can increase your productivity which in the end will save you time and money. So, with all that extra time, take a well-deserved break.

One of the main benefits of property management software is the ability to transform your workspace into a virtual office, accessible anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. All of your data and documents will be available and safely backed up via the cloud. Printing, copying and keeping paper files will no longer take up your or your staffs time.

Another great feature of using property management software is that it automates the process of finding and signing new tenants. For instance, you can automatically post your rental vacancy listing to over 23 syndicated sites. Having this capability at your fingertips not only makes your job easier by saving listings for you to reuse it also reduces the vacancy time between tenants. Often times you can post your listing and find new tenants before the last ones have even moved. Not only can you get new tenants efficiently with automated listings you can also complete the needed tenant screening. All of your tenant screening reports such as; credit and criminal background data are integrated into property management software applications such as Rentec Direct, which makes the process of signing a tenant so much more streamlined and faster than using multiple sources to get the same information. Tenants are becoming accustomed to the ease of applying and signing online so in order to stay competitive using property management software is a must.

Tenants can now even pay rent online, eliminating check-collecting time and the need to chase down late payments. If someone is late on rent, the system will send them a reminder through email or text message. Even better yet, tenants can sign up for ACH payments and have their bank account automatically drafted each month for there rent payments.

In addition, property management software enables you to universally search the entire database for any type of information (a phone number, address, vendor or tenant). When compared to the “old fashioned” way of searching through paper files among the thousands of documents in your office, I’m sure you can see how this capability truly does streamline your workflow and saves you a lot of time. All of your accounting information is integrated into the software, which is so great to have all in one place.