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In today’s modern world, everything can be done on the tips of your fingers! Smartphones and tablets have made things easier for everyone.

You can order your clothes online, or your books, or even electronics from the comfort of your homes. There is no need to walk around and spend your whole time trying to search for things that you need to buy.

Similarly, then, why go through all the hassle of hunting houses in an old-fashioned way? The age-old methods of checking the local classifieds, or noting the “For Sale” real estate signs that you see on your way to work, or checking out new offers from your realtor friends. Of course, many people have found their dream home through these methods, but it does take time, efforts and endless negotiations. In the end, you may or may not end up with the house you were hoping for. This whole process can be quite stressful. And time-consuming.

To make this process less stressful and less bothersome, you need to be aware of some platforms which have made things less complicated and more easier for you!
Let us look at a few real-estate apps which would help make your house-hunting experience a little easier and also memorable.

10 Real-Estate Apps That Can Help You:

1. Zillow

One of the best apps to help you in your endeavor is definitely the app provided by Zillow. It is the best known real estate app and a pioneer in online home value estimates. It suggests the estimated home values, past sale prices and every other related information of your potential home or site. This site also works for those of you who want to sell your houses. You could find the estimate of your house and the potential sale price.  

The Zillow website and its app must be definitely on your top list as it lets you view home prices by location on the go. It also offers filters and search options to select your next home.

2. RedFin

The RedFin is actually a brokerage firm. Their app offers estimated home values and also lists the other related areas. This app can filter upcoming open houses which could be of great help to potential buyers. This app definitely gives you an idea of what you can expect to get for your money. Though this app is not totally free of cost, it is definitely worth its price which is comparatively lower than what the real estate agents would charge you. The price for selling homes list is 1.5 percent, and for buying, the average buyer gets about $2,000 refund back on the agent fees.

3. is the official search portal for the National Association of Realtors. This website and app engage in a close relationship with realtors using the Multiple Listing System (MLS) that provides data feeds useful for a good house hunt. The site is updated often and has a wider range of listed properties.

This website is especially useful for real estate agents. But if you are not an agent, you can connect with local agents using this app.

4. Contactually

This app is great for customer relationship management. It helps the realtors to actively connect with their clients. There are umpteen options in the market. Contactually not only manages your contacts and leads but also helps you manage your relationships. It offers users automated follow up reminders, advanced automation, and pipeline management. Apart from that, it helps by giving you a feedback on your follow-up. This app is very user-friendly and definitely a keeper!

5. Matterport

At times, it is difficult to sit around and wait for your agent to contact you about houses. And moreover, it is tiresome if you have to roam around through the many options your agent shows you, only to be dejected after viewing your options. This is where Matterport comes in handy. It gives you a cool walk through the house in a 3D portrait! From the kitchen to the garage door, it shows you everything. Yes, it is that cool!

If you are an agent, you must remember that many clients prefer 3D tours for high-end properties. All you need to do is hire a photographer who has access to Matterport or you may want to invest in one yourself. You can buy your own Matterport camera for just around $4,500. Consider this as an investment, because once clients start finding your services, a top-notch, you will have found yourself in a lucrative business.

6. CityBlast

This powerful app can literally put you and your business across every social media platform! In today’s world, social media helps in connecting with clients and finding new prospects. Using this app, you find great content on a daily basis. You can keep a tab on changes in the local housing market, the latest trends in interior design and landscaping, and new open houses. CityBlast is such a cool app that it automatically finds and posts real estate content to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts seven times per week.


Indulge in some high-quality browsing material that would also help your client to zero in on the house of their choice. is a professional and inexpensive website that does just that for you! It offers virtual real estate staging, image enhancement, and day-to-dusk editing services with quick turnaround times. This will definitely help buyers visualize themselves in your homes.

8. Showing Suite

Most realtors have an office full of notes and messages, email addresses, phone numbers, and lockbox codes. Showing Suite enables you to organize your stuff in a very tidy way. It integrates and automates showing schedules, buyer agent feedback, and any notes, pictures, and videos that you want to store along with your listing. It also syncs with your Supra EKey or Sentrilock lockbox software. These features help you to have everything in one place.

9. HomeSnap

HomeSnap is an efficient app for both home buyers and for real estate agents. It has the regular MLS-powered search features along with messaging and sharing features. HomeSnap gives you access to new and updated listings as quickly as possible. This helps you to be updated on a daily basis.

10. HelloSign

HelloSign is a trusted electronic signature software. It also offers Realtors the best platform for getting documents signed and deals tamed. HelloSign’s signatures have an average turnaround time of 44 minutes, so you can close deals faster–which is always a plus. Take advantage of this app to boost up your business and eliminate the stress of in-person signatures for every document you come across in a day.


So what are you waiting for?! Pep up your business with the above apps and if you are a home buyer, live a stress-free life by conveniently searching your home through one of these apps!

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