We’ve just rolled out a feature to save you some time with vendor related reports.  When entering expenses throughout the year, when entering a payee, there are some habits which could have caused your payees to not be linked up properly.  This makes the vendor related reports not total properly for vendors with unlinked transactions.  Here’s how it happens:

  • When entering a transaction, and manually typing (or pasting) the whole vendor name rather than selecting it from the drop-down list.
  • When accidentally entering the memo within the payee field.
  • When entering a new payee that was not already defined within the Vendors and Payees list.

This has become more apparent with the new ledger reports we rolled out in December since the ledger reports only show a payee if one is in fact linked.  Good news though!  With those major updates rolled out last November, we also replaced the Payee text field with a drop-down field so these mistakes can no longer happen and payees will now always be properly linked.

But for the transactions in 2013 or earlier that were affected by this, we’ve created a tool to quickly and easily help you link those vendors up.   When you open up a ledger, if the system detects any un-linked vendors within the ledger, you will see a new menu option on top called “Link Vendors” (highlighted in the screenshot below).  It only shows if there are unlinked transactions, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show for you.


Click this link to open up a window which displays all your un-linked transactions.  Within this window you can correct some or all of these transactions all in a single step.